Jaipur Gets Its Very First Weed Museum: It Is Only For The Better Of Our Own Country!

Jaipur, Rajasthan is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to making the city a better place for its residents. The desert city known all over the world for its rich culture and pink buildings was also listed as a “heritage site” by UNSECO, thus adding another feather to the cap. Jaipur is now all set to open the state’s first “weed” museum. As misleading as it may sound, the weed museum was developed for the sole reason of spreading awareness about the various kinds of unwanted crops that ambush the growth of food crops. We know how much you wished this was a “puff and pass” kind of museum, but alas! it isn’t.

Weed In General

Weeds are nothing but unwanted plants that grow in any sort of weather and climatic conditions. The problem of their existence on food growing land is that they thrive on the nutrition and water that is originally given to the food crops. This makes for lower quality crop that does not make as much revenue as a healthy crop must. Now, identifying these crops is the first task. Without the right identification, there won’t be a right solution for the same and thus, the cycle of infestation continues.

A Little Knowledge


There are a vast variety of weeds that most farmers cannot tell apart from each other. This museum will only help them identify the different kinds of unwanted crops that plague the usual grow and solutions to it then on. Also, most farmers have certain local names for the weeds that infest their farms which makes it difficult for the market to understand and hence, curbing the problem gets delayed and sometimes also gets escalated. With the display of over 100 different weed species with their names and solutions on how to nip it in the bud (literally), farmers can make a better and faster produce.

The Setting Up

samples weeds

The collection and storage of these 100 species of weeds was done over a period of one and a half years. The process is said to be done with great precision when chemicals come into play. Had the sample been a little moister than required, they would have to discard and collect another of the same due to fungus attacks. As painstaking the entire process of setting up this one of a kind museum was, it is now ready for public viewing some time after the month of August in RARI (Rajasthan Agricultural Research Institute), Durgapur.

For Those Looking For Something Else Here…


Now, to all those good time stoners who made their way towards the end of this article, this might not be your kind of weed museum (wink-wink) but you can always book a ticket to Las Vegas and visit Cannabition. This place is the ultimate paradise for you where they display strains of weed (you can either just look or take some home!)

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