Thinking of Volunteering? Here are Some NGOs in Jaipur to Get Associated to

Every once in a while one should indulge in giving back to the society by volunteering in different NGOs or just doing a good deed! It is easier if you get yourself associated with an NGO that works for a cause that you believe in. Doing so will make feel good about yourself and you make a change in someone else’s life may it be a human, animal or Mother Nature. There are many NGOs who are constantly looking for volunteers to work for them. Here’s a list of NGOs in Jaipur to volunteer with.


Help In Suffering

NGOs in Jaipur

This is a registered Indian charitable trust that works for the benefit of the animals which was started in 1980. The trust is associated with many foreign organisations. They have a great team of people on-board with them who work very passionately towards animal welfare. There are trained staff members who help in handling sick and traumatised animals. They provide shelter, medical aid and care for all types of animals and birds. However, they are in constant need of more helping hands. If you are an animal lover then this is you’re here’s your chance of doing something from them.

Where: Maharani Farm, Durgapura Jaipur

Call: 0141 – 2760012



NGOs in Jaipur

This NGO is dedicated to providing individuals with various disabilities with equal opportunities. It is supported by one of the most qualified teams of Rajasthan. The team consists of qualified academic teachers, speech and language experts, occupational therapists, trainers and many more.

Where: Shipra Path, Near Technology Park, Mansarovar, Jaipur

Call: 9928387735



NGOs in Jaipur

I-India is a great NGO that works towards giving street children a future. Till now they have reached over 4000 street, orphan and destitute children daily in Jaipur. Their pure mission is to take care and love the children living on the streets. They were even covered by BBC UK and it was later converted into a program.

Where: I-India, Ajmer Road

Call: + (91) 982-815-3317



NGOs in Jaipur

Laadli is another great NGO working towards the welfare of abused, orphaned and destitute. The word “Laadli” means loving girl. The NGO trains these children in producing high-quality craft products and accessories. Whatever the earnings the NGO earns by selling these products go to the development of these children. One can volunteer here as they constantly need people to teach or to provide care and more.

Where: Laadli, Rakdi, Sodala

Call: + (91) 9829176675



NGOs in Jaipur

Raksha is a youth-based organisation which was started in 2003 and works towards animal’s welfare and rights. They rescue and save birds (domesticated and wild), reptiles and other animals. They also promote vegetarianism and reduce carbon footprints etc.

Where: Raksha, Durgapura, Behind Dalda Factory

Call: 098285 00065



NGOs in Jaipur

This is a charitable organisation that supports children born with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). They take in kids who don’t have anyone to look after them or have a guardian and provides them with a home, medical requirements, education and more. They also counsel them towards a life of possibility, hope and positivity. They are in constant lookout for people who can volunteer here and help these children.

Where: Rays, Shyam nagar

Call: + (91) 99784517200


Human Life Foundation

NGOs in Jaipur

Human Life Foundation is a charitable trust that works the education of slum children and has already educated 700 illiterate children. They also saved children in slums from an addiction to alcohol, tobacco and more. There are many ways in which you can help these children. You can take care of a child’s education. They have various programs running like Education, De-addiction, Eradicate hunger, Health awareness and more. One can choose from the list of the programs and volunteers towards making a change.

Where: Human Life Foundation, Mahal Road, Jagatpura

Call: + (91) 9057278419


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