Top 3 Authentic Rajasthani Sweets That Should Be on Everyone’s List

Rajasthan is a truly colourful state, drenched in the colours of history, grand palaces, beautiful dress, and rich culture. For such a colourful state, obviously Rajasthan’s cuisine too could not be left far behind.

When you think of Rajasthani food, you are bound to picture a royal thali full of spicy dishes, ghee-loaded chapattis, some exotic pickles you have never heard of before, and of course, Daal Baati Churma. But, is that it? Did you just assume that a Rajasthani thali is all spice and no sugar! Well, prepare to be surprised because Rajasthan is quite the place to satiate your sweet tooth. The desert state has a lot of variety in the dessert section too, and here is a countdown of the 3 most essential Rajasthani sweets you gotta try:


The first delicacy on the list, Ghevar is Rajasthan’s answer to donuts and cakes. Just that this desi cake is kinda larger, crispier, and healthier. Largely made around the festival of Gangaur, Ghevar is best enjoyed with a layer of fresh cream or malai, or hot milk.


Another sweet that goes well with hot milk! Hini is quite a rich sweet, considering that it’s made using saffron strands. Watching the thin strands of Phini dissolve in your cup of hot milk is similar to watching an art unfold. Apart from being a visual treat, Phini is also quite a treat for your taste buds too!


Last but most certainly not the least, the side kick in the epic trio of Daal Baati Churma is actually a dessert. Now, the churma comes in various kinds. There is besan ka churma, Genhu (wheat) ka churma, Gulaab (rose) ka churma, and much more. In fact, there has been a recent addition to the varietywhich claims to combine the goodness of cassatta ice cream in our desi churma. This one is called satrangi churma!

These are the top 3 picks for the sweet tooth in you. However, I would also highly recommend the Gulabjamuns  and daal ka halwa and motichur ke laddoo…oh! Looks like the list is going to be way too lengthy for me to summarize, why don’t you pay Jaipur a visit and find out for yourself?


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