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There is hardly anybody who hasn’t heard of the Pink City. With colossal history and unique heritage, Jaipur is one of the magnificent cities to live in. Compact but well-planned Jaipur is a perfect blend of old and the new. While the old city is swarming with warm people walled against pink, the new Jaipur is simple and elegant. Here are 7 posh residential areas in Jaipur where denizens can reside amidst the charm of the pink city:

Ajmer Road

For the last couple of years, Ajmer Road has been a witness to rapidly growing residential
buildings and apartments. The dilapidated picture of the area has been swiftly replaced by a more
modern one with towering buildings and skyscrapers.


Civil Lines

Previously a cantonment area, the area is known for its thick blanket of green. The area is
completely transformed at present with big name in real estate taking up projects therein. The
area is a hot favourite with many for its close proximity to the international airport and railway


Tonk Road

With names like Okay Plus Group and ARG Group contributing to the development of the area,
Tonk Road today stands as one of the most developed and posh are to live in. With only a few
kilometers from the airport the area also offers some of best dineout and food delivery options as



C-Scheme is one of the most expensive places for residential apartments in Jaipur. In short, it is
one of the few favourites among the elites who are happy to spend a fortune on a house.


Malviya Nagar

Malviya Nagar is one of the most expensive and sought after too places for residential bookings.
It is also famous for housing some of big corporate names such as Genpect, World Trade Park
and Gaurav Tower. It is a lively area buzzing with several commercial and industrial units.


Vaishali Nagar

Streching from Queens Road to Delhi and Ajmer Roads, Vaishali Nagar is an affluent suburb of
Jaipur. Though not exclusively posh, but this area is hot favourite for offering residential spaces
in all budget categories. It is also popular for brimming with shopping malls, restaurants, movie
theatres and many more hangout options.



Once Asia’s largest colony, Mansarovar is a definite crowd puller. With sky high residential
apartments and shopping plazas to schools, colleges and hospitals Mansarovar is popular for
being warm, lively and pleasant neighbourhood.


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