Visiting Jodhpur? Here’s a list of things to eat and where to eat them

Believe us when we tell you that Jodhpur is not just about the forts and the blue city. There is something else in here that makes Jodhpur irresistible. The city which sees many tourists all year long, is the best place to try your hands out at the authentic rajasthani cuisine. The people here will take full care of you when it comes to food. So don’t be alarmed at the generous amount of ghee that would be poured on top of almost every dish. Excited? Here, are some of the best places where you can go to try these authentic rajasthani food in Jodhpur and have your mind blown.

Shandar Restaurant

Authentic Rajasthani food in Jodhpur

This one is for all the serious food lovers out there who would go  to any extent. Shandar Restaurant may look a little dingy and shady at first but if you miss this, you would be missing on a lot of good flavors and interesting food. The restaurant is famous to serve a dish that is very unique to others. If and when you are here make sure to try Gulab Jaman Ki Sabzi. Yes, you heard that right. This is one is the locals favorite. What they do is, they take a gulab jamun, deep fry it and then dip it in gravy made up of tomatoes and cashew nuts. It tastes like nothing but heaven.

Where: Shandar Restaurant, Jalori Gate Bari

Call: +91 291 262 8057

Must Try: Gulab Jamun ki sabzi, Lahsun Dal, Gatta Curry


Chokelao Mahal

Authentic Rajasthani food in Jodhpur

There is no better way than enjoying your food with a view. When you visit Chokelao mahal, you will be welcomed by a stunning view of the Mehrangarh fort. It is situated inside the fort premises and prvides you with some of the most lip smacking cuisines. Once here make sure you try their silver thali which is served in silverware. It is perfect for those people who want to try everything rajasthani in one go.

Where: Chokelao Mahal, Mehrangarh Fort

Call: +91 95715 71000

Must Try: Thali


Latitude, Vivanta By Taj

Authentic Rajasthani food in Jodhpur

Dal Bati is one of the most traditional dishes of Rajasthan. Every house, restaurant, kiosk, stalls have this dish serving. This is basically made of yellow lentils infused with spices, cooked in pure ghee. Once made, they serve it with generous amount of ghee and red chilli and churma which is nothing but small flaky round bread.  This is a must have and cannot be missed as it is the staple food of all the rajasthanis.

Where: Latitude, Vivanta By Taj, Bhagat Ki Kothi

Call: +91 291 243 9700

Must try: Dal Batti



Authentic Rajasthani food in Jodhpur

Gypsy is that one place that is famous amongst both the tourists and as well as the locals equally. The place serves a thali which compromises of 29 dishes and is clearly for the ones who truly want to indulge themselves in the traditional rajasthani food. Work on your appetite as you would regret later if you go with a half full stomach as the food is outstanding.

Where: Gypsy, Sardarpura

Call: 074120 7407

Must try: Balushahi



Authentic Rajasthani food in Jodhpur

Indique offers a view that is both stunning and peaceful at the same time. The restaurant is located on top of Pal Haveli and provides a view of the Mehrangarh fort. There are other tourist destinations too that you can catch a glimpse of and that is Umaid Bhawan, Clock Tower and Jaswant Thada. Because of this view, there are people coming in all the time so make your reservations in advance to get the table providing a clearer view. They have an extensive menu of both food and cocktails.

Where: Indique, Gulab Dagar

Call: 9672293328

Must try: Thali and Kebabs


Janta Sweet Home

Authentic Rajasthani food in Jodhpur

This is a place to try on some snacks and hog on them. The place has a variety of snacks on offer. From samosas, rabdi laddu, namkins, papad and more, this place is a foodie’s paradise. One visit here would result in constant cravings that will make you come back to this place again and again.

Where: Janta Sweet Home, Opposite Priya Hotel

Call: 0291-2636666

Must try: Pyaaz Kachori


Darikhana, Raas Haveli

Authentic Rajasthani food in Jodhpur

The first boutique hotel in Jodhpur, this one is a must visit for all those who want to try the word famous dish called “lal maas”. This is a slow-cooked meal that is rich in fat and is blood red from the chilli and spices that is added in the preparation. It has a smoky and burst of flavours that will tickle your palettes.

Where: Darikhana, Raas Haveli, Makrana Mohalla

Call: +91-291 2636455

Must try: Lal Maas


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