Why is MI Road Every Jaipurite’s Favorite ?

Why is MI road every Jaipurite’s Favourite?

Well, being a Jaipurite I have no doubt why our very own MI road is the best place to hangout in Jaipur.

Spend a day there and you will know it, it has the vibrancy that no other place in this country matches.

It has the most beautiful jewellery shops you would ever see anywhere else.

Well, if you are a coffee person, then you must visit Indian Coffee House. ICH is best known for its Latte and Cappuccino.

However, if you are more on the desi side, MI road is known for the best lassis in town.  The Sweet lassi could be a good break considering the hot weather of Jaipur during May and June! After your coffee at the Indian Coffee House and a lassi at LASSIWALA , there is this place on the same M.I Road – Rajasthali Handicraft Emporium

This Emporium was established to promote the authentic handicrafts of the state.

How could we forget about the famous Paanch batti that has the most expensive Signal Lights in the whole country!  Amazed?  Well you should be, because Jaipur is not all about Handicrafts and Havelis!

It has the biggest market of electronics shops as well.

Probably the smoothest road of Jaipur, MI Road, has the best dinning places too! And if you a party animal, then F bar is the place to rock your evening!

It won’t be wrong to assume that even if you spent your entire day at MI road, you won’t be able to explore half of the place!

When you would be exhausted after your day trip to MI road, you could head to Talk of the Town for a luxurious dinner. TOTT serves the best Chicken Haldighati, which is so good that it could give the Hyderabadi Biryani a run for its money!

You can then head home with a full belly, and agree with me that MI Road is a place that has something for everyone. As for me, I never get bored of this place.


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