How does the royal family of Jaipur celebrate its Gangaur

Most of you may not even be familiar with the festival of Gangaur, but this festival is a hallmark of Rajasthani traditions.  A festival being celebrated in Rajasthan from centuries, from back in the golden era of Rajputana!

The festival started with young unmarried women worshipping the idols of Lord Gan and Gaur for a good husband. Today, even married women join the celebrations to pray for a long, smooth and happy married life.

Although Gangaur is celebrated across all the parts of Rajasthan, Jaipur in particular attracts a lot of tourism for the way The Royal family of Pink city celebrates it. Tourists from not just across India, but across the world come to welcome the Royal family on one of their very few public appearances. As the sun begins to pour heat down around the same time, VIP seatings are arranged right across the Tripolia Gate. This Tripolia gate is where the procession of Gangaur starts from, and thus, it has rightfully been nicknamed as The Gangauri Gate.

The procession starts with a group of Kalbeliya dancers marching out the Tripolia gate as they perform for the crowds gathered around. In no time, the streets are filled with rich local performances from groups exhibiting different arts such as Behrupiya dance, Kachi Ghodi Dance etc. All these jewels of Rajasthani culture are put together on the same street in one of the largest local festivals. Followed by these performances, camels, elephants, and horses too join the procession. Think of it like the grandest circus show with great performances, just minus the clown.

The royal family is seen marching along with the idols of Gan and Gaur at the end of the procession, along with some war artifacts such as canons, swords etc being put on the display. The Gangaur Yatra is a highly anticipated event in Jaipur, and gives you a glimpse of the festival, the local culture, and entertaining performances from across the state.

VIP passes to see the celebration get sold out weeks in advance, so if you are planning to witness the royal festival next year, start looking for VIP passes a few months ago.

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