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Best Places To Get Artistic Creativity Of Rajasthan

September 11, 2019

Rajasthan is one of those places which delineates India’s historical forts, palaces, art, and culture. But, besides these, it also offers some cool, traditional, and eye-catching stuff to buy. These things attract people from across the world. But, to get them, a person must be aware of markets and places in Rajasthan. This blog of ours here offers an insight on where and what to buy in Rajasthan, so that your holiday in the state gives you the opportunity to take back a lot of memories in the form of best souvenirs from this magical place. So, here is the list of items & places where you will get typical Rajasthani items.

Jewelry and Gemstones

Rajasthani item Rajasthan is the hub of jewelry industry and hand cutting gems. Whether you want silver jewelry, gold jewelry, kundan, meena, or carved trinket, Rajasthan is the place where you find them in unique style and design.The designs of the jewelries are so unique along with their superlative quality and rich colors that you wouldn’t want to miss out on shopping for some of the ornaments from the state. Where to Get- Johari bazaar in Jaipur is an ecstasy for jewelry lovers


Rajputani item Rajasthan is one of the pioneer seats of miniature paintings in India, popularly known as Mughal paintings. These paintings were tinted by Rajasthani painters who portray the royal and romantic life of Mughal’s in their paintings.If you want to change the look of your drawing room, these vibrant and elegant paintings, indeed can help you to do so. Moreover, if you are fond of ancient paintings it could turn out to be the best buy in Rajasthan for you. Where to Get- Hathi Pol bazar in Udaipur  is the place to get all miniature paintings.


Rajasthani item Want to get ethnic carpets for your home? Rajasthan is the only ideal place where you will get extensive range of carpets in India as the state is the prime manufacturer.The dazzling colors of the carpets catch the eyes of the tourists, and thus are one of the best things to buy in Rajasthan. Where to Get-  Small towns like Tonk, Chaksu, Manaharpura, and Barmer also have major markets of premium carpets.


Rajasthani item When it comes to famous art works, the blue pottery in Rajasthan comes on top of the list. They are used to enhance or liven up the beauty of home. At earlier times, it augmented the appearance of mosques, tombs, and palaces and was introduced by the Mughals. Unlike others, blue pottery leverages upon quartz stones and not clay.. These include quartz, raw glaze, sodium sulphate, and multani mitti. Where to Get-  Jaipur is known as the hub for regal blue-glassy pottery


Rajasthani item Crafted from wood, clay, stones, and other easily available materials, toys and dolls in Rajasthan are not just meant for children but also for religious rituals and festivals. The puppets, better known as ‘kathputli’ are considered as the heart of Rajasthan handicraft that attract lots of locals and tourist alike. These are used as home decors to enhance the look of the room. Where to Get-  Sawai-Madhopur, and Bari are the hotspot for buying puppets in Rajasthan.

Fabric Work

Rajasthani item Known as the heartland of block printing, tie-dye work, bandhani, color-riot, embroidery, and applique, Rajasthan offers some most famous patterns that can allure anyone.  If you are looking for that perfect gift for someone to wear or decorate their house, then fabrics from Rajasthan are a perfect buy. Where to Get-  Greater sample of these textiles are found during different fairs and festivals at like Nakki Lake, Ramdeoji, Pushkar

Metal Works

Rajasthani item Figurines, boxes, table-tops- these are some of the items in Rajasthan that bear the stunning exemplars of metal works.Some of the metal ware in Rajasthan includes brass work, engraved, enameled and filigree cut on silver.Jaipur is the hotbed where you can buy gorgeous metal works at different price ranges.Don’t forget to add in your shopping bag the distinct engraving styles like ‘Marori’, ‘Chikan’ and ‘Bichi’ that are idiosyncratic to Jaipur. Where to Get-  Jaipur is the best place to buy the elegant metal works.

 Jodhpuri Juttis

Rajasthani items Available in innumerable colors, patterns, and range, the Jodhpuri juttis are quite popular.  Made up of pure leather, these beauties add a tinge of royalty in any apparel. There is a lot of skill involved in making these Mojaris as they undergo several processes. Where to Get- Mochi Bazar or Coblet Market in  Jodhpur is the core-center for every kind of Rajasthani footwear.
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