Your Visit Is Incomplete Without This Ancient Johari Bazar In Jaipur

If you are in  Jaipur, you can never return home without shopping some traditional Rajasthani items. As the pink city, Jaipur  is reputed for its unique jewellery manufacturing, Johari Bazar should be the ideal destination for every ornament lover. Located in the prime area of Jaipur, the Johari Bazar is famous for its precious and semi precious stones, particularly diamonds, topaz and emeralds. It is the large scale exhibition of the alluring stones, which makes the Bazar one of the most popular attractions in Jaipur.

Johari bazzar Jaipur

The oldest market of Jaipur is Johari Bazar, and most of the shops in this market are painted in pink. Women flock here, as this market sells exquisite Jaipuri jewelry made of gold, silver, diamonds and emeralds. Kundan jewelry is quite famous and a popular item here.

Johari Bazzar Jaipur

The narrow lanes are full of innumerable shops that sell jewelry and clothes. An amazing collection of sarees, ‘lehengas’ and ‘juttis’ (traditional foot wears), see a crowd of ladies in the market. High-end bargaining helps in bringing down the price and buy exotic tie-and-dye sarees, beautiful jewelry, juttis and also, Jaipuri quilts, which are hot-selling items in Johari Bazar. 

johari bazzar Jaipur

Jewellery in Johari Bazar

here are several shops in this market that sell gemstones, silver and gold jewellery. Traditional jewellery includes Kaundan jewellery (cut and polished glass/gemstones on pure gold or metal base) polki jewellery (uncut diamond in gold base) and enamel work jewellery, also known as ‘Minakari’, which is famous in Jaipur.

 Johari bazar Jaipur

Gems Everywhere

Johri Bazar is between Sanganeri Gate to the busy Badi Chaupar junction. Gemstones are the main items for sale, with cheaper options towards the Gate end. If you start at the gate you will be stepping over countless vendors with stone laid out on the pavement. As you near the main crossroads, the shops take on a more professional look and the prices ramp up a bit.

Johari bazzar Jaipur

The bazar covers 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) of labyrinthine alleys, populated by colorful stalls and inspecting crowds.

Open: All 7 days open | Johari Bazar Jaipur Timings – 10 am to 11 pm
Location: Johri Bazar, Gangori Bazar, Jaipur, Rajasthan


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