The Only Place You Need To Go for a Yummy Cold Coffee in Jaipur

When you come to Jaipur, a soothing cold coffee may not be the first thing you are in for. Jaipur is known for its colours, its palaces, culture, food…but, in that list of food too, coffee takes a back seat.  However, for a coffee lover, a great cup of coffee is a must on the go! To your relief, Jaipur does have an aid for your caffeine romance.

If you ask most millennials from Jaipur or barely look at their Instagrams, you would quickly come to the conclusion that Jaipur has various hot spots for a good coffee. Be it the iconic Tapri café or just another Blue Tokai around the corner, Jaipur doesn’t leave coffee lovers with thirst.

However, when it comes to getting the best of the best, the answer may be a rather unheard one! In fact, there are two answers really – both a local favorite!

Jaipurites claim that The Indian Coffee House serves the coffee of Jaipur! The oldest café of the city, The Indian Coffee House located at MI Road, has queues of localites and tourists alike waiting to explore the old rustic charm of this historic café. However, with years of success and growth, The Indian coffee house now has a store at Tonk Road too.

The Indian Coffee House could easily become a favorite of anyone who loves a good old café. Reminiscent of the old times’ simplicity coupled with obviously, a good cup of coffee! However, Jaipur’s outdoor answer to coffee lovers is the unparalleled Statue Circle. Located in vicinity to Birla Auditorium, Albert hall, among other tourist attractions, Statue Circle boasts of a 60 year old stall, serving cold coffee. What makes this experience all the more enriching is the peaceful evening time, which you can pass lazying around on the grass while sipping on the finest coffee of the city.

So whether you are one for a café or a long soothing walk at night, Jaipur’s cold coffee could make up for the scorching heat of the city is just the right way to unwind.


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