Shop Till You Drop In Bapu Market In Jaipur

The Pink City is known to attract major foot fall of tourist every year. It is one of THE destinations people want to explore whether they are national or international tourists. Jaipur has everything any city can ask for. It is a well planned city that has plethora of history related to it along with numerous forts, palaces and tales of kings who rules this land once. Not just this, shopping to is one of the ‘must do’s’ in the city in many of its famous bazaar but Bapu Bazaar is our absolute favourite when it comes to shopping for all kinds of things.

Bapu Bazaar

The market is always full of foreigners and national tourist and locals who are frolicking from one shop to the other. The bazaar is always crowded and has many shops decorated with the most fanciest of items on display.

Bapu Bazaar is one of the most famous places to shop from and the experience of shopping here is unreal. It is located right in the middle of the city between Sanganer gate and the new gate of the pink city.

Bapu Bazaar

The shops here mainly sell items like objects of brass, precious stones, textiles and more. But the one thing that the place is known for its mojari footwear that are made from the skin of camel. The shops can be seen decked with hundreds and thousands of mojaries coming in all shapes and colours. There are some that are place and then there are some that have beautiful embroidery on them. There are also shops of bed sheet and covers, stunning bangles, fabrics and more.

Bapu Bazaar

There are many other leather products also that are sold in this market which are slightly on the expensive side. The bazaar is full of handicraft material and items like precious stones and marble objects. So basically, anything to everything can be purchased from this one market.

People who plan to go to Bapu bazaar have to keep two things in mind. Firstly, that this is the best market to get any sort of souvenirs from and secondly, haggle hard. If shopping is exactly what you want to do then you must brush up your bargaining skills. There are hundreds of shops that have beautiful things that would lure you in the shop. This is a market where you can buy things for all your friends and family back home but if you don’t bargain you would end up paying a lot more that the actual price of the thing.

Bapu Bazaar

Once you get tired of shopping or need a little energy boost, head to any small stall of restaurant/shop that you see of food and indulge in some of the best local flavours of the city. Faluda and Gol Gappa are the two main things that you must try once here.

An experience in Bapu Bazaar is as surreal as any other experience in this city.


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