Bagru- A Village Keeping The Traditions Alive

Rajasthan has always been on top of the list for all the tourists coming from all over the world. The state is rich in heritage, history, culture and traditions. There is a lot that one can see and experience here. It is one of the most colourful places in India with places that are unmatched by any in the world. The place is also rich in art, textile, paintings and more and one such place to witness all this is Bagru. A perfect weekend getaway to Bagru will leave you speechless with all that you will witness and experience here in this small village.

The place is situated 35Km away from Jaipur. The village is famous for its classic wooden block printing and indigo dyeing on clothes. Because of this, the place now holds a lot of importance in the fashion world.

weekend getaway to Bagru

Every house in the village is indulged in this business of dyeing clothes in the traditional way and block printing them by hand from a wooden block that is carved out in different patterns. From the eldest to the youngest, men and women, all work together here working towards providing the finest of textile to the world.

Famously known as the Bagru print, the printing is done from a wooden block on a preferred cloth. Natural dyes are used which is purely eco-friendly. The colours are made from various flowers, vegetables. For example, yellow is made out of turmeric and red out of madder root.

weekend getaway to Bagru

The village is not famous for anything else but keeping alive the three-centuries-old tradition of printing.

Another famous printing technique is ‘Dabu’ Printing which is basically applying a thick mud paste onto the fabric and then dying.

Why go: If you are enchanted and are interested in art and textile, Bagru makes for a great destination. You will learn a lot about all the fabrics and designs and soon realise that all the big stores too are getting fabrics from here.

weekend getaway to Bagru

How to go: You can hire a car and drive down to this place as it is situated not that far from the city if Jaipur. You can see the small villages on the way, snack on the dhabas (restaurants) along the way and make a day out of it.

What to see: Once you reach, you can see many boards that will direct you to these houses where dyeing and printing are done. You can also try your hand at them. Some of the houses also have shops from where you can buy these fabrics on a must cheaper rate.


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