The Best of the Best Food Items to Try When in Jaipur

Anyone who visits Rajasthan knows they are in the land of Daal Baati Churmaa. While Jaipur too loves itself a good meal of Daal Baati Churmaa, there is more to the Rajasthani cuisine than that! And we aren’t talking about Gatte ka saag or even the exotic desert vegetables like Saugri or Phali. In case you haven’t heard about any of these, boy, do you need to make a trip to Jaipur!

However, even if you have heard of the complex and gastronomically rich Rajasthani Thali, the best perks of the Rajasthani kitchen are in its simple snacks, ready to munch on any given time!

From the land of kings come some simple dishes, which you may be missing out on in plain sight. For instance, Kachori– the fine masterpiece out of Rajasthan’s pentry! While Kota may be famous for its Kachoris, Jaipur has an interesting twist to it – Kadhi Kachori. These fried balls with spicy stuffings are further accentuated in taste when you add a little desi curry to it. A soupy twist to the firm Kachoris may sound odd, but wait till you try it.

Other cities and villages across Rajasthan are still to acquaint themselves with this new innovation to the good old kachoris. However, Jaipur would not leave you hunting for this delicacy. You could head to the touristy quarters of the old city, and find street-side stalls dedicated only to Kadi Kachori, and Kadi Samosa in case the vendor has decided to go for a little variety.

Once you are there, you could also indulge in trying out Kanji Vadas. Yes, you have had dahi vada, medu vada, sambhar vada – and if you thought that was the best street food of India, you might need to reorder the list again. Because the Rajasthani cuisine, Kanji  vada, will have you wondering why have you never had it before! The Vada will taste quite like the other vadas you’ve had, but the whole trick of the delicacy lies in Kanji.  The tangy taste of Kanji comes after heating  a mixture of water with tarmarind, asofoetida, black pepper, over coal (yes, even the preparation is authentically desi!).

So, the next time you are in Jaipur shopping around for cool traditional, you might wanna take a break with a bowl of Kanji Vada or a Kadhi Kachori.


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