Shah Rukh Khan promises big entertainment in Raees !!

He is ‘Raees’, very ‘Raees’ indeed. And those who see a life in him beyond the mega-bucks would come to realize it’s matters of the heart where Shah Rukh Khan is the unbeatable king. No other actor commands such polarized views about his acting- terrible hammer, incredibly romantic, an okay actor, a great big movie star, a tremendously energetic man- as Shah Rukh Khan. And here’s the catch: while most of his critics have made Shah Rukh bashing a part of their lives, they cannot under-estimate the power the man carries.


Shah Rukh isn’t the reflection of the star value he has conjured. Rather is the man who also attempts to escalate the scale of his own expectations and in turn, those others have of him. You don’t want a dull moment with Shah Rukh Khan in it. Rather you want to be ‘Raees’ in the company of a man who functions as the antidote to dullness.


In his latest flick, that he’s making us wait impatiently for, he’s set to further his envelope of acting through ‘Raees’ by ushering in what seems an unfamiliar territory albeit closely resembling his previous attempts in the Don series. Are you ready for a meaner, mightier, angrier and off course, richer Shah Rukh Khan as seen in ‘Raees’? Loosely inspired by the real-life tale of a man who traversed on a rags-to-riches journey in a conservative Gujarat, Raees is expected to throw light on an interesting, hitherto less-visited saga.


Chances are, by this time, all of us have made some idea or ‘opinion’ on Shah Rukh seeing him in either Raees’ trailer or those rushes where a visibly violent, shaken but god knows how much stirred, audacious but supremely confident man dishes out impressive dialogues in the form of verbatim and seems to be gearing up to take on his detractors. He boasts with pride, ‘Baniye ka dimag and Miyanbhai ki daring’, suggesting he has aligned an inner fury to his will to ‘win’ the game; seemingly a lethal and illegal trade that  he has mustered enough courage to not just do but prosper at. And in here seems to rest ‘Raees’ big promise– will it see Shah Rukh, believably in a grey shade bow out like a hero, winning hearts and critics elusive praise or will it unleash a hungrier Shah Rukh Khan who wishes to seem younger and hopelessly restless as he has been seen of lately, in Happy New Year and everyone’s hate button, Dilwale.


After a hurried commotion of films like Happy New Year and Dilwale and their manic receptions,Shah Rukh is back, doing what he does best when not selling products, inflating numerous brands’ life-cycle or globe-trotting collecting awards, recognition, and inspiring lives. But this time around, he has seemingly a bigger challenge: to romance Karachi-born Maira Khan as evocatively and smoothly as break the back and in the process, the spirit of a sterling cast powered by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who will stop at nothing to stop the rampaging ‘Raees’.


But amidst the massive success of Raees trailer, which has garnered over 10.5 million views within 20 hours of its release, a thing surfaces that warrants everyone’s attention: Is this a newer, energized Shah Rukh Khan determined to stand relevant to an era that seems pegged in the favor of younger actors and where legendary hits in the 1990s mean associating with nostalgia? Or could it be that Shah Rukh has more aces up his sleeve that he wishes to unfurl through carefully planned and hopefully, nicely executed vehicles such as Raees?


Whatever it may be, what most  choose to defy is that it is films like Raees, still to be released, that convey a greater Shah Rukh Khan, one that does not wish to be accommodated in the romantic envelope we think he belongs to. After all, why on earth we expect  ’emperor’ like things from him as we want from the true Badshah of Bollywood?

Raees releases on January 26, 2017.


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