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Music has always been a Universal healer for all mankind. There are some who flock to it for it offers them that thing they call “time pass”. People feel it lifts them up and is always seen as a potent force that elevates the mood. A bit like a mind expanding drug but ultimately both coolly reticent and warmly energizing, Music beats boundaries that have hitherto divided all of us who live separately under an otherwise uniformly single universe. There are millions who seek in its incorruptible spirit – a healing balm whose cajoling embrace unfurls magic amidst misery.

Implicit in this magical five letter word is a soulful power that envelopes multiple human feelings. Through anger, pain, sadness, glory, happiness and triumph and many other turnstile of emotions, artists reduce boundaries between audiences and their talent by taking one and all on a glorious ride toward a world- where deadlines, stress points, anxieties and pain can wait for another day.

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For some reason, Jazz has been this mellow albeit mellifluent stoke of amazement that Music has unleashed upon millions who seek in it a sort of breakaway from the mundane in life. Rock and Heavy Metal unleash a crafty and often pulsating rhythmic expression on fans who seek in it- self-realization, and in most cases- that ever precious inlet of expression.

luv-rap-1But, an extremely popular form of Music is that of Rap and hip hop, two inseparable and incorruptible forms of magnificent creative expression that rejuvenate, entertain and importantly- rescue us from the often too sweetened servings of soft music. In its soul lies a magnanimous built up of lyric and music that excite and lift up fans, enabling them to enter a world of intimate personal feelings that are the heart of masterful creativity and vivid hues of music. What’s Up Life recently unearthed a rising name in Delhi’s hitherto unexperienced – Rap music scene, one that deserves more fans and more admirers that one has usually experienced with Jazz, Rock and other popular musical formats, such as EDM and Techno or House genres.


In our chat with Deepak Vasisht, not your average hipster who delivers punchy and inimitable rap lyrics in a pace akin to driving a roaring speed car, we discovered the truths and soulful revelations lying at the heart of a rap-hungry audience in India, ideations of rap stars bursting on the scene often dominated by Rock bands and how there is more to the world of a globally translucent and often seemingly self-indulgent Rap industry than just Eminem and Snoop Doggy Dog.

Simple but intelligent, witty and quirky, sharp and impulsive, Deepak is all this and more and a conversation with the youngster who is not even 20 also gave us a lot of mentation about how age shouldn’t be a factor associated with an established star or a nobody in music’s indefinable soul.


What sort of music do you like and why?

I4105 really move myself to Hiphop/Rap, R&B, and my latest interest is in Jazz music after watching the movie ‘Whiplash’. Hiphop and rap because you do not know what the artist is going to say next, and the moment when you understand the wordplay or the punchline, you’re nothing than being totally flabbergasted. R&B because it changes my mood really. I always switch to this genre when I need a different sound for my ears to enjoy. It is soothing, and the melodies are outstanding. I am yet to explore Jazz music, but I am pretty sure I will love it too.

What form of music do you specialize in?

I specialize in Hiphop and R&B. I am going to be a specialised music producer soon, receiving a certificate of completion from ‘My Sound Academy’ led by MixSingh. Look up for him if you’re an EDM head. He is by far one of the best producers I have ever seen! Also, I make R&B music.

Do you think Delhi is right there with global destinations that are bludgeoning with a tremendous music scene?


Well, Delhi is certainly growing in this scene. But, the sad part is, almost everyone thinks that they can become a rapper. Rhyming few words is not rapping! if the audience is able to empathise, congratulations, you’re a successful artist. Delhi has amazing rappers, and let them know, the seed had been planted, the tree is established, and we are the branches.

Have you cut any albums yet, and if not, what do you plan in the immediate future?

No, no albums yet. For my immediate future, I want to release a couple of singles, collaborations, come out as a producer, and establish my name as a prominent artist in the hiphop stream, so that when I released my album, my initials sales do not suffer

Tell us about ur own musical lineage, inspiration (don’t think inspiration in that sense but in the motivating sense) and what excites you most about your fav artists?


My inspiration is my own story, really. I believe the world should know what it was, what it is, and what it will be! Talking about the artists, I – kind of – have a huge list! it goes like  – Eminem, Tupac, Caskey, Tech n9ne, Mayday, Anilyst, Ces Cru, Arijit Singh, A.R. Rahman, Mohit Chauhan, Kailash Kher, etc. My list is mixed up, I don’t stick to only one genre, as an artist, I believe it is mandatory to pay attention to other genres too. The best thing about all these artists is the ability to get the crowd anxious. You don’t know what are they going to do next, and I just love that!

On a completely different note, do you think Jazz is a bit under-rated in an India commonly seen warming up to Rock, Electronica and techno music?

Oh yes, oh yes! Undoubtedly. I have heard some jazz music and oh my goodness, it is such a smooth genre, like a game changer. I think it is a necessity that people get exposed to this beautiful music. Or, you can just go and watch “Whiplash”. Techno, Rock, etc., being great genres too, are everywhere, like a globetrotter. But Jazz is latent in India, it has to come out!

What do you think are the most vital ingredients for a youngster, like yourself to make heads turn in any form of music?

Deepak VasishtThe best ingredient? Motivation. Self-motivation, self-inspiration. “They pray for my downfall, I preyed on their doubts.” – Caskey. You do not need a music background to step into this field. My parents never held any instrument, nor any of my relative, here I am, making music. it is on you, fight for yourself, and prove them wrong, and prove your dreams right. “Work first and we play second” – Anilyst.

Rap has an amazing fan following in India. Am I mistaken that commonly people don’t know much about it apart from Eminem and Snoop Lion. What do you think could be the reason? Off course, there still are hard-core fans who would know of a greater world outside of these two icons?


Oh this is the best question. Of course. They do not know anyone apart from Eminem and Snoop, and on the other hand, some rappers have their eyes and ears on almost every rapper. That is why the imbalance is there. I believe the reason is, that once we listen to an artist, like Eminem – with a caliber like no other, we refuse to check out anyone else, we obsess over the same rapper, which basically narrows our vision and scope! So it is just an advice, listen to various, check out their unique styles, and expose yourself to this beautiful genre.

Do you play any instruments? What was your first communion with music, how old were you then?

Deepak Vasisht musician

Yes, I play Piano. I was selected in the school choir when I was in 6th grade, and I used to see my teacher play Harmonium effortlessly. I was always so fascinated by it and I always used to question myself – Why not me? Well past is dead. Now I play Piano, and a little bit of drums too. I play a little with my vocal chords too, beat boing of the lowest level.

What do you think of the music scene in Bangalore and Mumbai? Can Delhi match them? Are they miles ahead of the music scene in Delhi. What are the intricacies in this space?

Deepak Vasisht show

Bangalore, Kolkata, and Mumbai, they are the land of opportunities if you want to become an artist. It is only my opinion that Delhi is a land of entrepreneurs, and a life where people are rushing for their 9-5 jobs. But, not to miss out on the exceptions. Delhi’s rap scene is growing beautifully I must say. Platform like Desi Hip Hop and Spit Dope Inc., are really contributing towards it. I have worked with Spit Dope Inc., and the rappers are outstanding without any second thoughts. If not deviated from the goals, Delhi is going to be the King Capital Of Music.

rapper Deepak VasishtHow important is Music in today’s day and age where some take to it as a compulsive stress-beater or some casually flock to it. 

What can I say! The person who has given his 90% of life to music, cannot just casually flock to it. When I listen, I introspect, I examine, and I enjoy. Music is a savior, and it the best friend one can have. The day will never come when the world says – WE DO NOT NEED MUSIC ANYMORE. If that happens, that will be the apocalypse.


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