Queer Lies In The Eyes Of The Blind

No….We aren’t late in  talking about it! There is never a belated time to talk about it. I am here indicating towards the ”Pride Parade” that took place on the 12th of November. While most media/ social media platforms went ballistic with pre and post releases of it, we chose to sit back and be sensitised….towards the effort, the fight and contemplate on why there is even a need for the struggle! It was not merely an event to be covered, it was a fight to finish, to be accepted against the regressive social conformities that restrict the freedom to BE!

pride parade

Imagine being denied the right to education, marriage and even love?!….Only because your dress and gender preferences don’t conform to what the society measures as acceptable?! it is downright autocratic to even have an order such as section 377 in the Constitution! The Indian society, by virtue of the mindsets and constraints, is an intolerant society. No matter how much of the Democratic, Secular nature of the country we reiterate, the fact of the matter is that ”Freedom”….is desperately wanting!

pride parade

A sight not too uncommon is a raised eyebrow, a frown or a snigger when approached by trans-dressers at traffic lights, derogatorily addressed as ”hijra”… the extent of using the word as an abuse to strip a man of his masculinity? Instead, Maybe you could raise the definition of ”manliness” to respect people for their individual sexual preferences? Maybe a little more human to accept another as one too! Imagine being forced into an inclination that defies all of your individual being and being made to live with it!! I call it ”Rape”!!

pride parade


Being A lesbian, a gay, a tranvestite, a trans-dresser, …….is a natural instinct, a personal choice, an individual right, as much as it is for a man and a woman to indulge in a romantic or sexual relationship!! In a timeline,  where we claim to be a fearless, educated, opinionated…read ”intellectual” brigade priding in our unabashed and indulgent lifestyles, are we really? Do we have the grit to stand apart from the so called pseudo broad-mindedness and be as unabashed about supporting and accepting the ”queer”….the ”difference”….any difference??  I know I do!


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Dipti Datta

Dipti is an entrepreneur and a libertarian. Previously associated with some of the most renowned television channels and personalities as a stylist and being a qualified fashion designer her creative bent is apparent. Also,Having worked copiously with a team as an Operations Manager on an online portal, her conviction to work as a team player is undaunting. Her inclination to write is very strong as well, inevitably, as she holds a bachelors degree in English literature. Dipti is A travel buff, an avid reader and a painter and also dabbles in writing poetry. She believes that creativity is the best form of reform.Dipti is determined to associate herself with people and work alike, that refine her tastes and sharpen her sensibilities.


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