These Summer Workshops Are Perfect For Both Your Child And Your Inner Child

The summers are here and sucking the life out of us one day at a time. Pune is going to be sizzling with rising temperatures during the months of May and June. That does not mean you sit home under you’re A.C vents and pout about it! Summers sure are hot but it is also the best time to be out and exploring the lesser creativeness that lie deep within you! Had you ever thought there’s a place where you can go make your own coolers and chill? Or how about making your personalized cool soaps to beat the heat!? Hence we have brought you 7 amazing summer workshops in Pune that’ll get the creative genie out of you and make your summers worth the heat!

Oil Painting Workshop

Any form of art is a kind of meditation to the mind because it has the power to help you forget all worried and get colorful! Enroll for this Oil painting workshop this summer and rejuvenate with the charming blend of oil paints on your canvas. Capture the heat and the beautiful sunset to keep it for times to come. Give your whole to the blank canvas and make it a masterpiece to preserve!

Where: Peninsula Apartment, Baner Riviresa Society, Baner, Pune

Cost: 3,000 INR

Blow straw painting with Shobha Kalantri

Discover the child that still resides in you in this fun summer workshop. All you need is some paints and that straw in your cold drink! What is a better way to cool down than blowing into straws and creating mesmerizing designs and shapes? Learn how to use straws for painting instead of brushes and produce gorgeous drip and swirls on your canvas.
Create your straw painting stroke of genius with just a few spills and blows! 

Where: Behind Hotel Tilak Ramneelay.Near P.Jog Classes,Sadashiv Peth,Tilak Road, Pune

Cost: 800 INR

Summer Drinks and Desserts

Don’t sit home and pout about how hot it is or how you are putting on Unhealthy weight! Join up on this Summer Drinks and Desserts workshop with Shobha Kalantri and learn to make the coolest and most delicious summer coolers for yourself and others. Get ready to be fascinated as you make some really distinct combinations of Watermelon-Mint Cooler, Watermelon Smoothie Recipe, Peach Chia Sorbet, Fruit Custard, Melon Lemonade, Kokam Rose Mojito and some from your own creative tongue! Cookie points? – it is healthy and dairy free!

Where: Behind Hotel Tilak Ramnilay Apt,Near P.Jog Classes Sadashiv Peth, Pune

Cost: 2,000 INR

Creative Fridge Magnet Workshop

As weird and absurd as it may sound, your poor fridge needs a makeover this summer! Doing all that cooling throughout the hot months, he deserves some appreciation don’t you think?
Well, this workshop is the place to be! Make cute, quirky, colorful fridge magnets just the way you like it with your own hands and creativity!

Where: Behind Hotel Tilak 1592ramneelay Near P.Jog Classes, Sadashiv Peth, Pune

Cost: 1,000 INR

Kettle Painting

Want a new antique for that corner in your kitchen? Or want to get creative and paint something? This workshop is your resort! Learn how to paint and etch on metal surfaces of the kettle and give your kitchen a contemporary kick with hand painted kettles done by from scratch. Kettle painting is very easy and when done right can turn out very beautiful to help you jazz up your kitchen or even set up a café setting!

Where: Forest County, Kharadi Forest County, EON Free Zone, Kharadi, Pune

Cost: 1,700 INR

Handmade Soap Making Workshop

Revamp your wash products by making your own personalized soaps! Feel the energy and goodness of fresh natural material that goes into making these soaps. Add your own fragrances and mould them in your own favorite shapes. You will be able to make many like Charcoal soap, Multani mitti soap, Moisturizing cocoa butter soap, Scrub soap, traveler’s soap and soon be able to make your own mixture of new fragrances at home.

Where: Urja Studio Cafe Off Datta Mandir Road Close To, Omega Paradise, Postal Colony, Shankar Kalat Nagar, Wakad, Pimpri-Chinchwad,

Cost: 1,600 INR

Basic Photography

Everybody has once in their lifetimes wondered what it would be like to have been a photographer. Well, now is your chance. Join this splendidly knowledgeable workshop on photography taught to you by photographers who have been on the field for no less than 25 years and discover the eye for things around you. See the world from behind the lens and you will be mesmerized as to how one thing when placed in different parts of the frame can hold different perspectives.

Where: College B Square, 102, First Floor Yeolekar Mala, Near, Shraddha Petrol Pump, Yeolekar Mala, Nashik

Cost: 3,000 INR

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