Honeymoon Getaway Locations Around Pune For Couples This Season !!

You must have heard of the saying ‘romance is in the air’. It is time to feel the exciting rush of romance and love in the awe-inspiring city of Pune. If you’re in love and you live in Pune, you’re one lucky bloke! Believe it or not, the city is a haven for lovers. Honeymoon is the most charming holiday taken by newly married couples to celebrate their newly married life. A super tight schedule often leads to a delayed honeymoon, but how about a short yet romantic honeymoon near Pune that needs just 2 – 3 days? So, while you put your long honeymoon plans on hold, just take out a weekend for your much-needed break and visit these beautiful honeymoon places near Pune.


Lonavala is the queen of romanticism. The untouched serenity of this land leaves you so mesmerized that you can only wonder at the marvels of nature. Spend some quality time under the moving clouds to celebrate a newfound passion with your loved one. Let your soul lose itself amidst the mysterious beauty this place radiates and feel a re connection between the soul and the mind. Lonavala will definitely take romance to another level as who would not love rain in the company of their spouse. Let nature imbibe itself into you and create some unforgettable and unparalleled memories in this romantic place near Pune.


The cool, pleasant weather year round, the mind blowing views of hills, the sunset and sunrise, the landscapes dotted with evergreen forests, and the never ending supply of juicy strawberries – Mahabaleshwar is a sweet package of all this and more… This ‘City of Strawberries’ in Maharashtra is an ecstasy for honeymooners, nature lovers, and photographers. Just a walk with your beloved around the scenic landscape of the Western Ghats accompanied with silvery waterfalls and bubbling-babbling rivers will leave you carried away in this queen of hill stations of Maharashtra.

Panshet Dam

It is time to wake the adventurous side of you and plan a visit to the Panshet Dam which qualifies to be one of the most romantic places out there. Hit the reservoir to experience one of the most splendid dates you’ve ever had. The best part of going to this place is the journey from Pune to the dam itself. You pass through such beautiful villages and such enchanting greenery that the drive might end up soothing your very soul. You and your lover could have a great time together with the sound of the gushing water soothing your mind.


Would love to loose yourself in the wilderness and climb into the bosom of lush green mountains with your spouse? If so, make sure you head out to Panchgani, the place of mountain retreats, with plenty of quite corners offering seclusion, to have an unforgettable honeymoon experience. Deep valley, high hills, pure air -you will stumble upon them with a sense of wonder. It is exactly what dreaming far away about a lovers paradise would be like. One of the show stealer is Sydney point which shows Panchgani in all its glory.


Khandala is one of the best honeymoon places in Maharashtra. It’s a beautiful hill station, located on Western Ghats. It’s a well connected destination with major routes. In the arms of the clouds, nothing beats the charm of this nature paradise upon the arrival of the monsoon. Head to the romantic ambiance of Khandala to enjoy with your partner if the cliffs, valleys and the jungles allure you. This scintillating, quite hill retreat will take you far way from magical place.

Pawna Lake

This picturesque artificial lake is not just a lake; it’s an ocean! The vast stretches of blues extend out of your eye’s vicinity and gently vanish into the horizon. Pawana Lake came into existence due to the construction of the Pawna Dam. However, today it is one of the most romantic places out there. The beautiful greenery that falls into the arms of the lake could help you and your loved one push some stress off your shoulders and spend some meaningful time together to create beautiful memories.

Copa Cabana

From enjoying a candlelight dinner at the cabana or relishing a three-course meal at the inner dining area, you can plan a customized date with your loved one at this romantic dinner in Pune. Try their continental delicacies and explore each other’s tastes as you spend some much-needed quality time together. The ambiance is ideal for some leisure time of your busy routine.

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