Reasons Why Pune Is Our Favorite City

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Pune is that one city everyone wants to live in and why not, the place is great in so many ways that people don’t want to leave it or the ones you don’t live there want to move in. The city is perfect in every possible way. Here are top eight reasons why we love Pune.

The weather


Weather is one of the most important aspect and the main reason why we love Pune. It doesn’t rain too much and not too less. It’s cool and breezy which makes it kinda romantic. The weather is always pleasant therefore you don’t have to think twice before stepping out.

Food legacy


The city has some of the best food places and restaurants. They are years old and still having their old time charm serving delicious food and still under budget. To name a few there is Kayani Bakery, Good luck Café, Marz-o-rin and many more.



When it comes to a quick escape from the city, Pune again wins the top spot. The place has several beautiful places that are just few hours away. No detailed and months long planning required as they are great for a spontaneous plans. Staying here gets you the quick access to places like  Alibaug, Singhbad, Lavasa and many more such places.

Educational Hub


Because of the many educational centres and universities, Pune has a lot of young crowd which makes the city peppy and fun. There are numerous colleges and schools in here which makes it great for the younger generation.



Another reason for us to love this city is NDA. With so many cadets / young officers coming to the city for the training one can spot them roaming in city every now. Actually it’s good to spot these handsome officers just gallivanting and going about their work while we do some bird watching.


In the times of so many crimes, Pune is one of those few places that are safe. Not just during the day, the city is also super safe during the night and especially for women.


Pocket friendly food


When it comes to Pune, the city not just has some of the oldest restaurants still running but it also has many new ones. They have great food which is a treat for your taste buds and at the same time super pocket friendly. This is THE city for food lovers.


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