Dussehra And Ravan Dahan Celebrations In Pune

Dussehra is a 10 day celebration of worship, rituals and celebrations all across India. Dussehra starts every year with the onset of winter,  in the months of Ashwin or Karthik. Dussehra has two aspects – Navaratri the Nine nights and culmination in Vijayadasami.  The rituals might vary across regions but the enthusiasm and energy is synonymous. 

Here is the list of places celebrating Ravan Dahan in Pune


ravan dahan celebrations pune 2019

If you haven’t yet witnessed the Ravan Dahan celebration at Khadki in Pune, then you must definitely not give it a miss this year. The Khadki effigy, considered to be one the most artistic Ravan caricatures in the city, usually stands 40 ft tall. If you get lucky,then you may even get to watch Ram Leela this year.

Where- Khadki Cantonment, near ACP office, Pune

Ravan Dahan At Mutha

ravan dahan celebrations pune 2019

Ravan Dahan celebrations commemorated at Mutha river in 2012. Since then, a huge crowd gathers here every year to watch the effigy of Ravana burning.

Where- Baba bhide bridge, Mutha river, Pune

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