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Take Your Pooches Out On The Best Date Ever At These Pet Cafes In Pune

August 2, 2020

We know it breaks your heart when you have to leave your little furry friends behind when you are going out for a meal with a friend, family or solo. The puppy eyes they give you while you are leaving the house is something that stays in your mind throughout which makes you end your outing quickly so that you can rush back home. Here’s a list of pet friendly cafes in Pune that lets you bring your pets with you and have fun with them all day long while hogging on some amazing food.

Café Joshua

Located in Aundh, Café Joshua is a pretty little place that lets you enjoy your time with your furry pals. The café is named after the owners Labrador-Joshua. The menu serves you with anything from sandwiches, pasta, All day breakfast and much more. They also yummy treats for the pets like sugarless cake, hot dogs without spice and more. There are also toys and other things for your pets to play with while you relish on the tempting food.

Where: Shop 2, Yashashree Apartments, Gaikwad Nagar, Aundh, Pune

Call: 02041220036

Cost for Two: INR 450


The Flour Works

Another great place to hang out with your pets is The Flour Works. Even though they don’t really have a menu for the pets, they do serve dry and wet food as per the liking which is absolutely free. You can keep an eye on your pooches from the indoors while they chill in the outdoors as they are restricted inside. There is also a resident dog here, Sir Montgomery, with who you can play.

Where: The Flour Works, Kalyani Nagar

Call: 8888019696

Cost for Two: INR 1300

Two’s and Fours

cafe twos and fours

A fine place that does not just cater to your needs but also has a dedicated menu for your furry friends. The menu includes things like peanut cookies, popsicles, cupcakes, and much more. The walls of the café are adorned with cute dog pictures which makes this place an instant hit with all the animal lovers.

Where: Lane no 10, ahead of Yuthika apartment, Veerbhadra Nagar, Baner

Call: 8860637446

Cost for Two: INR 400

Yogi Tree

With a beautiful outdoor seating area, Yogi Tree invites you and your furry pals to have a great time. With a big menu, you can feast on yummy food while your dog enjoys your company in the beautiful cool evening.

Where: Yogi Tree, Koregaon Park

Call: 02026121911

Cost for Two: INR 1000


Where Else Café

With a signboard that proudly proclaims, “Pets welcome, humans tolerated”, this very café is one of the most famous ones amongst the people. Not just four dogs, they welcome cats, birds, hamsters and really all kind of pets. The café has two resident Persian cats that are loved by all. Once you enter this place you can see a variety of pets accompanying their humans. There is also a menu for them which they can hog on.

Where: Where Else Café, Viman Nagar

Call: 02026632855

Cost for Two: INR 800

Fat Cats Café

Welcoming all pets, Fat Cats Café is a great place where you can go with yours. They have a cosy little place where they do not just have a menu for you but are also kind enough to take care of the hunger pangs of your pets and provide them with treats like cupcakes, chew sticks and more.

Where: Fat Cats Café, Wanowrie

Call: 9673990768

Cost for Two: INR 650


Contributed By Lekhanapriya


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