Life Inside the Pune Cantonment

Growing up as an Army Kid is one hell of an experience and if Pune Cantonment is where you are growing up, the feels to it are different altogether. Pune houses NDA which is worldwide famous for producing some of the best defense personnel.  They become a part of your daily life where you encounter them every day going about their training. Cantonment life is very different from the outside world and is one of the most intriguing ones. It is something that everybody wants to know about. So here are a few details about that will describe this life well.

The Cadets

With NDA in here, everywhere you go in the cantonment, all you see is super lean, tanned young boys turning into chivalrous gentlemen in their crew cut. It’s astonishing how each one of them looks exactly the same. There are cadets seen all around the cantt bicycling their way in a hurry sometimes singing or humming the tune of “bachelor boy” or “army life” along with other songs that are only known to people with defence backgrounds.

Ditching the Alarm Clock

Living in the Cantt, every day you would get up in the morning hearing the bigul, marching ground or firing range. Getting up to these sounds is more normal for the residents than alarm clocks. It ain’t no morning without these.

Impeccable Surroundings

The cantts are known to be always spic and span. One might try to find out that one corner of the area which is dumped with garbage but it’s next to impossible. The beautiful layouts of gardens and parks do not just beautify the whole place but are great for Sunday picnics with your friends. Every park has a variety of plants with their English and scientific names neatly stencilled on small boards.

The Sports Ninjas

Most of the army kids are in sports and why not, all their lives they have seen their father’s going for PT in the morning and game in the evening apart from the casual walks that they dedicatedly go on with their wives or playing with their kids in an attempt to spend as much time with them as possible. Come rain, hail or storm; there is nothing that stops these men from following this routine every day.

Free access to gym, sports complex and swimming pool makes the children of the defence personnel’s an all-rounder. There is no sport that they haven’t played, may it be squash, TT, lawn tennis, football or croquet (a game that would be a new thing for many out there).

Clubbing with the best

No weekend is over without a party in the officers club. People wait for these social evenings where they could enjoy nice music, tambola, food and drinks and other games. There is no bar in the world that stands a chance in front of these army parties Patiala Peg for Rs. 30 ONLY. Not just this The NDA ball sure is worth all the hype. It is something that everyone looks forward too especially the Cadets. The evenings are musically swayed in ball dancing with their partners and later some feet stomping beats and good food.

Dodging the Military Police

Nothing scares the hell out of these kids from a defence background than military police (CMP). These tall men with good built and a stern face makes for the scariest stories. Known anyone from the defence background? Ask them about it and they will share a million stories with you about their scary encounters with these men. No kid must have dealt with one situation in their life in the Cantt where they must have got a good thrashing from them for trespassing, plucking flowers, creating a nuisance, not wearing a helmet, driving too fast or too slow.

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Surabhi Guleria


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