Gardens In The City That Are Absolutely Beautiful

Yes, Malls and multiplexes have taken over our lives and there is no places else where we spend our weekends. But every once in a while we want to break that monotony and go to a place that soothes and relaxes us. Where we can just sit for hours, read a book and enjoy our day. There are ample gardens in Pune that are absolutely stunning and where you can go and enjoy your off days. Want to know more? Read along.

Saras Baug

gardens in pune

This is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. It is a beautiful place that has lush green gardens, a water body that consists of many beautiful flowers and a historic temple that has many visitors. The temple is situated in the middle of the lake hence is called Talyatla Ganpati, where Talyatla means “inside a lake” in Marathi.

Sambhaji Park

gardens in pune

Maintained by Pune Municipal Corporation, Sambhaji Park is a hit among kids and morning walkers. The park consists of a fish aquarium, a big fountain, a gazebo, pretty flowers and many rare trees. Some of the rare trees found here are Mani Mohar, Rudraksh and, Kailaspati.  The garden also hosts an annual flower exhibition.

Pu La Deshpande Udyan

gardens in pune

Inspired from the Japanese Okayama garden Korakeun, this is one of the most beautiful gardens in Pune. It is spread over 10 acres of land and consists of lush green garden, water canals, bamboo structures and bridges.

Bund Garden

gardens in pune

If you are looking for solace and some quiet time just with yourself then this is the place to go to. The garden is also known as Mahatma Gandhi Udyan and is a beautiful place to go to. It is full of greenery and makes for a great picnic spot with its lake where you can boat. One can also spot many migratory birds during winters.

Empress Garden

gardens in pune

This garden is spread over 39 acres and boasts a wide variety of flora and fauna that are not found anywhere else.There are ancient trees here, a water body that will sooth your senses. One can enjoy a lovely time here as its is full of greenery and provides you with a great environment to spend time with yourself.

Peshwa Udyan

gardens in pune

Known for its big green garden, Peshwa Udyan is actually a zoo that has a lot of people visiting it everyday. One can sit here for hours, come here for picnic or just enjoy some lovely time with your family. There are many rides available too here.

Chittaranjan Vatika Garden

gardens in pune

Run by Pune Municipal Corporation, this is a famous place among the joggers and walkers in the city. The garden is absolute green and have variety of trees and plants. There is a botanical garden, jogging track and playground for kids. There is also an art gallery where you can go and see some amazing artworks.


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