Get Binocular Ready And Spot Some Birds At These Places In Pune

Pune is truly one of the best cities to stay in when it comes to India. The whether, greenery and of course Tekdi hills make it worth while. Not just to us humans, Pune is also a favourite destination for many migratory and other birds too. There is a huge variety of birds that can be spotted here. But there are particular spots that you must know of that provides the best view for bird watching in Pune. Lets look at them.


On top of our list, this place is hard to miss especially during winters. It is located around 100 kms away from Pune and is bird to the beautiful Greater flamingos. The entire lake and nearbuy area gets all pink and white and bird lovers can spot them from the other side of the lake. You may also hire a boat and enter the lake but we do recommend that as we should let the birds be.

Veer Dam

A hidden gem in the bird watching world, this is one of the best places to spot some beautiful birds around Pune. It is located 60 kms away from the city and is unknown to many people hence you can truly enjoy here. This place is home to not just migratory birds but many local birds too. Spot birds like Waders, flycatchers, raptors and more.

La-ka-Ki Lake (Model Colony Lake)

One cannot miss this place when it comes to the best spots to watch birds. La-Ka-Ki lake is 130 years old and is favorite among both birds and bird watchers. It is a serene place which is full of greenery where you can sit for hours and spend time spotting various species of birds. One can finds birds like Spotbills, Egrets, Waterhen, Coots, Crow Pheasant, Robins and Kites.

 Pashan Lake

Come to Pashan Lake and spot Pheasant-tailed Jacana here. The lake is a breeding spot for them and hence one can see a lot many of these birds sitting on their eggs or just chilling.

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary 

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a bird paradise. Initially the place had more than 200 species of birds but with lot of destruction over the years, the number declined rapidly. But the residents around this place have become more aggressive to save this bird sanctuary hence they started a group named Save Salim Ali Sanctuary and conduct walks in here to make people more aware of the ecology. Now one can spots species like White-Throated Kingfisher, Common Sandpiper,White-Breasted Waterhen and Red Breasted Flycatcher etc. 

Vetal Tekdi 

Get out of the city and come for a long drive to Tekdi hills. These hills are pristine and absolutely green and wonderful. They do not just attract humans with their beauty but also various birds too. One can spot species like Ducks, Hornbills, Barbets, and others.


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