The Best Tarot Card Readers In Pune- The Truth Be Told!

The tarot is in essence a soul map, a deep psychological guide to self – empowerment through 78 symbolic cards. The cards don’t tell you what you should do or what specifically is going to happen in your future, but rather the possibilities depending upon the path you take. Tarot is the storybook of your life, the mirror to our soul, and the key to our inner wisdom. Every spiritual lesson we meet in our lives can be found in the seventy eight tarot cards. Every card tells a story and if you are keen enough to know your story you can go through the best tarot card readers in Pune. Let’s see which card you choose?

Mystik Astrology

Mystik astrology is founded by Jitndera Guruji, which is most respected in the field of astrology. They not only deal with tarot card reading but part from that kundali reading, psychological and physical reading, vasta shashtra and face reading. Even if you are not satisfied with your tarot card reading you can looking for the other options. They help you to find answers to your most important questions about love, career, relationships and finance which might enlighten you to your inner selves

Where : F Wing, 117-A, 1st Floor, Parmar Trade Centre, Pune

Call : 09167306581

Maayaa Dhami

It is one of the most sought- after tarot card readers in pune. Her approach towards finding solutions to enhancing the quality of life is not limited to tarot card readings only. She is involved into numerology, vastu and feng shui as well. Apart from that she also deals with crytal, pendulum, rudraksha and gems healing. You won’t come back from here before finding answers to your queries.

Where : B-28, 1st Floor, Koregaon Park Plaza Mall, Pune

Call : 9373052179

Sunemro – Numerology

She started more than 40 years back to solve the problems of people using the science of name under numerology, Vastu shashtra science and angel card reading. She basically helps you to hear your inner voice and embrace it’s message. Tarot readings are powerful form of deviation that shows you a detailed perspective about your current situation. She will not only provide you the guidance but will assist you in how to deal with that.

Where: Amit Colory Society, B-204, Near Undri Chowk, Pune

Call: 08237884303

Tarot Card Reader Smmitta

Know your past. Improve your present.Look towards the brighter future is what she believes in while enumerating her skills. She is a professionally qualified, well known tarot reader who uses her expertise and intuitions to provide guidance to her clients. The solutions provided by her have scientific background and are easy to follow.

Where: Gauri Apartment 3rd Floor, Opposite Gandhi Hospital, Pune

Call: 9765224365

Tim Tarot

If you are searching for divine guidance for body, mind and spirit then tim tarot is a perfect place for you to go for. She uses vedic astrology to understand their clients in a more better way and departs her solution by connecting to that divine soul. She uses her techniques in every aspect of life in order to understand what the universe holds for you

Call : 9828062000

Email id:

Poonam Vastu & Tarot Card Reader

Life energy or prana is all around us. It is pervasive; we are actually in an ocean of life energy. It is something which we can’t escape. In order to understand this life energy which revolves around us continuously. Poonam vastu and tarot card helps in order to understand that through her powerful techniques which helps in healing.

Where: Lake Town Cooperative Society, Bibvewadi Road, Pune

Call: 9769750502

Contributed By: Divya Chadha


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