These Are The Most Beautiful Cycling Routes In And Around Pune

Cycling is one of the best exercises that one can opt for. Not just this, it is also perfect way to explore a new place. Just hop on your cycle and pedal away exploring all the nooks and corners that are not known by all. There are some great cycling routes in Pune that will take you in and around Pune and give you a view and experience of a lifetime.

Sinhagad Road

Cycling your way to Sinhagad is the best thing that yo can do to yourself. It is located 41 km away from Pune and has beautiful landscape that you can admire. Whether you are new to cycling or a pro, this route will make it seem like a cake walk. Do not forget to spot the Khadakvasla Lake along the way.


A hit amongst all the cyclists and bikers, Lonavala – Khandala route is perfect to head. It provides for some of the most beautiful landscapes, you are definitely in for a treat. The best part about this route is that the roads are in great condition which makes the journey all the great. While cycling on this route you will spot Lonavala and Khandala Ghats.

Panshet Dam

Known as one of the most popular cycling routes in India, the cycling route to Panshet Dam is an absolute treat to the eyes. Newbie or a professional, this route will for sure please you with the many spectacular spots that comes along the way.


Get ready to travel 57 km if you are travelling from Pune to Lavasa on cycle. Of course, the journey is full of some stunning landscapes that will keep you mesmerized. But the best part about this route is that you get to cycle through the clouds. Well, that is something that will make us jump on our bikes right away.


To reach Mulshi, you need to cycle you way down to 53 km from Pune. The place is full of natural beauty that is just jaw-drop gorgeous. The place is especially famous among the photographers and camping addicts. The terrain here is perfect for avid all-terrain cyclist. Get ready to encounter some waterfalls, lakes and more.


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