Have A Quick Getaway At These Camping Sites Near Pune

Every once in a while we need to break the monotony and do something that takes us away from all the hustle bustle of the city. Even though Pune is very calm as compared to other metropolitan cities in the country, there does come a time when we want to take a break and get out to a place that is far far away from all the city madness. A place that can soothe us and refresh us. A place where we can go for camping for a day or two and experience something new. Luckily for us, Pune is not short of such places. There are plethora of camping sites in Pune that one can flee to and come back all rejuvenated.

Pawna Lake

Lucky for us, this place is not much explored by many and is still some what of a hidden gem. You can put your camp right next to this gorgeous lake where you can go fishing, swim and have a great day and in the evening enjoy the stunning night sky.


A famous camping spot, Bhandardara is located hour hours away from Pune. You will not be alone here are there are many people who come to this stunning destination. You can camp right next to this beautiful lake and enjoy activities like BBQ, bird watching, photography and more.


A famous destination among the tourists, travelling to panchgani for camping is a great idea. The place is known for its strawberry plantation and can be visited all year long. Camping here would be all about relaxing your mind, body and soul.


This tiny place is another hidden gem that is located near Pune. There are a lot of things for you to do here while you are camping like watching the Arabian Sea, exploring this place or just laze around taking in all the beauty that this p-lace has to offer.


One of the most famous destinations in all over Maharashtra, Lonavala sees a big foot fall of tourists from all around the country. The place is know for is lush green mountains, beautiful weather and lovely atmosphere. One can enjoy BBQ dinner, trekking, bonfires, waterfall rappelling along with camping.


Bhor is definitely one of the best places to head to if you want to go out for camping. The place is known for its scenic beauty hence many daily soaps and movies have been shot here. It is located only 90 minutes away from the Pune and is apt for a quick getaway.

Bordi Beach

Going to Bordi Beach is one of the best things to do and trust us when we say that you would be doing a little more than just camping.Enjoy your time interacting with locals, learning Warli painting, walking along the beach, exploring the many villages and more. One can also go to Aswali Dam or enjoy the sapodilla orchards.


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