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Punekars Watch Your Favourite Movie Under The Stars With Open Air Theater

September 26, 2019

I  remember how as a child I would look forward to movie nights out in the open, we’d pack a picnic basket full of goodies and enjoy the movie lying down on mats. But sadly the concept of drive in and open air cinemas has slowly died. There could be many reasons; a drive in would require acres of land, and with the rise in the cost of property it probably makes it difficult to maintain one. The opening of so many multiplexes could be another reason. Yet another reason could be because open air cinemas can only be operative at night and who’s going to wait till the sun sets when they have Netflix and Amazon Prime at the click of a finger!

open air theater pune

Who doesn't like watching movies under the stars? Take your bae on a super romantic date at SCC Republic, an open-air theatre of Republic restaurant on Koregaon Park-Mundhawa Annexe road.

The best thing about this place is that you are not stuck amongst four walls of dark theatre rooms. Enjoy movies on breezy evenings with a mug of chilled beer and some yummy munchies.

That thrill of sitting under the open sky full of stars, in the fresh air and watching a movie is next level! AND if you have a beer mug in hand and a SO to cuddle up to, then the experience becomes even more memorable and romantic.Yes, that fun and thrill of sitting in the open and watching a film can never be replaced.

The decor is simple but sweet. With fairy lights atop you and big screen in front, you can enjoy the films even if you ain't a cinephile. There's comfortable floor seating and you're free to bring a blanket along too. Tickets usually start at INR 240 per person but you can get a discount on a couple's or a group pass. Of course, food and drinks are charged separately.

How about spending your Day with your bae watching a movie under the romantic starlit skies?

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