Make The Most Of Your Time With These Offbeat Hobby Classes

Well, the times have changed and nowadays there is so much that you can do beyond the usual studies and chores. There are so many hobby classes where you can indulge in, learn new skills, or pursue your curiosity and add a relaxation element in your life. We’ve compiled some offbeat activities where you can learn, enjoy and serve your soul depending on your interests. Here are some unique hobby classes you can sign up for in the city with all the other details.

Swimming Classes at Water World Swim Centre

hobby classes in pune

What better time than summers to take that dip in the water? Make the most of the heat and take that as an opportunity to learn swimming. You can sign up for swimming classes at Water World Swim Centre where they have a huge indoor pool and classes at multiple time slots running all day long. There are numerous other places in the city as well where you can dive in and get that learning kick started.

Where: 23/24, Sopan Nagar Rd, Sopan Nagar, Someshwar Nagar, Wadgaon Sheri, Pune
Call: 9970005500
Cost: 3000 INR onwards

Photography at Creative Pad Photography

hobby classes in pune

If you can’t get your hands off that camera, it’s time you take your hobby to the next step and get enrolled for a photography class. You can check out Creative Pad Photography which organises diverse range of workshops for beginners on photography as well as videography. They also offer detailed online courses if you’re looking for virtual learning.

Where:  Z-3, Suraksha Enclave, Nagras Estate, D.P, New DP Rd, Aundh, Pune
Call: 9823783749
Cost: 3500 INR onwards

Drum Circles at Taal Inc.

hobby classes in pune

If you’re usually seen drumming wherever you go, and on whatever you find, then we suggest take your hidden love for rhythm and make it a reality through drumming workshops by Taal Inc. They offer beautifully designed full day workshops as well as month long training programs which are customised, art based, inclusive and experiential in nature. Their prices varies depending upon the age group of the students.

Where: 1st Floor, Flat No. E-3, Sr. No. 287/2, Behind Bata Showroom, Opposite Food Bazaar, Baner Rd, Baner, Pune
Call: 9049690101
Cost: 1500 INR onwards

Pottery Classes at Veena Chandran Ceramic Studio

hobby classes in pune

This studio is run by a Ceramic Artist – Veena Chandran who has been conducting ceramic classes for the past seven years now and her work showcases some great contemporary designing. You can sign up for different ceramics workshops at her studio. The beginner workshops last for a duration of two months, with classes being organised twice a week. All the raw materials are provided by the studio itself.

Where: Gera Landmark, C-006, Nilanjali Society, Kalyani Nagar, Pune
Call: 9422310800
Cost: 6500 INR onwards

Painting Classes at Milind Misal’s Picasso Art Studio

hobby classes in pune

If you have an artistic streak, we suggest you sign up for one of the art workshops at Milind Misal’s Picasso Art Studio. It conducts wide range of workshops on diverse art forms like painting, sketching and a lot more. The studio welcomes anyone who wants to explore and learn any art form. Here, you get to learn, create, meet new people and take back home your own piece of art.  

Where: Shop No-34, Montvert-2, Sus Rd, Pashan, Pune
Call: 9766221142
Cost: 1500 INR onward

Piano Classes at Studio Dolce

hobby classes in pune

If you have a thing for musical notes, you should sign up for Piano classes at Studio Dolce. The very sweet lady Mrs. Mang conducts a weekly class in the studio and you can start with their beginners classes.

Where: Marutirao Gaikwad Nagar, Aundh, Pune
Call: 9552309870
Cost: 6000 INR onwards


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