Adventure Dog Park – Why Should Humans Have All The Fun?

Hello, pawrents! The summers are at its brink of apocalypse and all you can think of is taking your dogs out, to relax and sip on a cold drink while watching them play and chill in the waters. Too good to be true? Well, get ready to be proven wrong, for Pune houses the first ever adventure dog park in town!

Take your pets on a “Pooch’s Day Out”. With greenery spread out for over 120 acres, this is the best place to be for all pet-parents and their babies. This adventure dog park is brought in town by 360 degree adventures with provisions of amenities like a dog pool, an exciting jungle gym, agility courses for those paunchy paws and obstacle courses too! They also have an off-leash area for times when your dog is well-behaved and can roam off the leash to socialize with other good boys.

dog park pune

Dogs tend to get lazy during the summers simply because they can’t bear the heat. At times like these it becomes essential to look after them and what’s more fun than playing around and getting a day’s work-out at the same time!? The pool waters help dogs with their leg movements, agility is to get them to move and not be lazy (which obviously comes along with some doggo treats!), the obstacle course helps them use their brains – making your puppers smarter day by day and when you’re ready to call it a day, head to the off-leash area, get yourself a cold drink, sit back and watch them sniff around each other’s pooches.

dog park pune

In addition to all the goodness that is already there, you can also have dog parties at this dog park! Get your birthday puppers and throw them in the pool, swim around and distribute pupcakes, made keeping in mind all that your pooch needs. Make the best of your pets’ day and be the pawfect dog parent in town!

While a one-time entry fee is only 600 INR, they have a great number of deals and flexibility when it comes to memberships.

Basic Membership
Rs 5,500/-* + GST
One year unlimited park access for one dog.

K9 Membership
Rs 7000/-*  + GST
One year unlimited park access for one dog
One night Camping stay for 2 people with dog.

Alpha Membership
Rs 9000/-* + GST
One year unlimited park access for one dog
One night Glamping stay for 2 (+2) people with dog.

Where: Off Mumbai – Bangalore Highway, Near Oxford Golf Resort, Near Nyati Equatorial, Bavdhan, Pune

Cost: 500-1000 INR

Call: 8669360360 / 7796360360

Timings: 7 am to 11 am, 4 pm to 7 pm

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