Winner Winner…. Jail Ka Dinner? Yeh Pub G Hai, Yeh Sab Jaanta Hai!

“Yeh Pub G wala hai kya?” our PM in his typical smooth way asked during a seminar, when a parent during ‘Pariksha pe charcha’ complained to Modi ji, that her son is addicted to playing mobile games. What our PM said after that was profound. Is technology turning us into robots? Technology is good, technology is progressive…. but technology is satanic too!

True, Yeh Pub ji(G) Hai, Yeh Sab Jaanta Hai!

Pub G

Who could have thought that one trend would change the game…. Literally, if i may so? PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG, is the most controversial game in India at the moment. PUBG Mobile took the gaming world by storm, having been downloaded 200 million times as on December 2018! Wow!

Winner Winner, Jail ka Dinner!

It’s fun for sure…. but Rajkot Police thinks it is ‘addictive and harmful for children’. They even arrested 10 people for playing the game in public. Others, like Goa State IT minister want a ban on the game because he thinks it is ‘demonic’. But, is it really possible to ban anything in today’s world?

IPC 188 is a minor offence, which is disobedience to any order promulgated by a public servant and punishable with one month imprisonment and fine of ₹200. Section 135 GPA, is an offence when you actually disobey an order which are given for prevention of riots or actions that disrupt public peace. It is punishable with 1 year imprisonment and fine. Both are bailable offences, which is why the PUB G youngsters got bail immediately. But well!

PUB G To Mummy G?

Maybe PUB G thinks so too…. “You’ve played the game for six hours today. Please come back at 2019-03-23 05:30:00,” popped up on the game screen, putting many ardent players in a frenzy.

With all the brouhaha about PUB G and it’s baggage (poor soul!), even the game seems to have turned ‘mommy’…. as some PlayersUnknown Battleground (PUBG) players in the country were in for a shock when they received health reminder pop-ups on their screens, barring them from playing the popular game beyond 3 hours! It’s another story that mummy G apologised and promised to be back in the game!

I am mostly amused by the whole hallabaloo… and so, decided to download it myself. What happened next was ‘your guess is as good as mine’. The rebel kid in me accelerated! Cutting the story short, because I listened to mummy G, I relented!

The Pub G Life (or death)!

But the controversy surrounding PUBG and its effect on young minds is refusing to die down. Two men have died while playing PUBG on the railway track when they were mowed down by a train. The incident took place when the players were so absorbed in playing the game at the near the railway tracks that they did not notice the oncoming train.

Recently a 20-year-old youth died because of his apparent addiction to the popular online game ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ also known as ‘PUBG’. Apparently, the youth died after complaining about severe neck pain, caused by playing the mobile game constantly for over 45 days.

No, Pub G, No!

But is the Pub G voodoo so easy to be cleared just by the ‘jhaadoo’ of authority baba? Only if things were so easily cinched!

One only needs a credible Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to get around if a state government were to block PUBG. A VPN service creates a reliable tunnel through which your traffic can pass unnoticed, without leaving any traces, making it difficult to track you down or even hack your connection. You’d be able to get past any restriction to the game’s content based upon your geographical location. Smooth!

if the government really wants to make it difficult for you to play PUBG, it can request Apple and Google to block access to PUBG on App Store and Play Store. Ok, so hate me!

What did poor Pub G do? You can ban it, hate it or love it….. but yeh janta ka kya karein?


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