Private Universities Bringing Smiles On Faces

There’s Life Beyond DU!

The unrealistically high cut offs at DU affiliated colleges cut chances of many of getting into these so called sought after institutes. Fret not! For you are not the only ones. And also because there is a silver lining. The demand-supply mismatch for undergraduate courses at DU has turned many heads towards new campuses. There’s life beyond Delhi University (a great one at that) and a bright future too. Thankfully, for Delhi NCR, there has been an influx of private universities over the past couple of years. Delhi/NCR is home to a number of private universities like Ashoka University, Jindal University, Ambedkar University, Amity University that offer programmes in almost all disciplines.

And it is not just the demand supply mismatch that is turning students to these universities. Some chose private colleges over government colleges irrespective of the reputation of the institutions and the difference in fee structures. Their reasons for selecting private colleges — market-friendly courses, number of placements offered, foreign tie-ups and international exchange programmes besides the amazing infrastructure and holistic experience.

Private universities

Customisation and Variety of Degrees

Ashoka University offers interdisciplinary majors where a student can study science and entrepreneurship at the same time. Similarly, BML Munjal — run by the Hero Group — offers a ‘make-your-own-degree’ option. A student of MBA can take classes in engineering as well. Ashoka and BML Munjal are in total offering 890 seats across engineering, management and arts courses. The universities have their own evaluation system in place to screen applicants.

With curriculum bench marked against the best in the world, the courses offered often go beyond Finance, Marketing, OB-HR, and Operations. IILM’s curriculum, for instance, includes courses inspired by top B-Schools around the world and incorporates top of the line study materials like Harvard case studies and simulations.

Ashoka university

Private Universities Opening Doors To Student’s Foreign Dreams

Private universities’ collaboration with their foreign counterparts is shaping up. While some promise exposure to foreign universities at very little extra cost, some others offer students the option of being taught by well-known academicians from top-notch institutions right here.Ashoka University offers better proposition to students seeking a liberal arts and sciences education, similar to universities abroad, but at a lower cost. Ashoka University boasts of tie-ups with the University of California at Berkeley, Carleton College, University of Michigan and King’s College, London. BML Munjal University’s business programmes are being mentored by the Imperial College. Shiv Nadar University has tied up with, among others, Duke University and Babson College. Similarly, the Azim Premji University has collaborated with the Michigan State University on faculty visits, course development and joint workshops. Other than student exchange programmes, there is a steady flow of faculty from abroad taking up short-term assignment at new private universities. Every year, faculty members of repute from top class foreign universities are invited to teach students. Some come for just a few weeks and some come here to take classes for the entire semester.

Op Jindal University

Company Specific Courses

Other than collaboration with foreign universities, new private universities are forging partnership with companies for specific courses. BML Munjal University, for instance, has tied-up with IBM, Siemens and KPMG for specific courses. While IBM has set up a business analytics lab, Siemens has set up a workshop named centre for excellence. The consultancy firm KPMG has been roped in to offer a BBA course. Leading companies across various disciplines come for campus placements at Amity. In technical courses, nearly all students are placed even one year before the completion of the course.

Clubs and Extra curricular Activities Galore

There are an extensive amount of clubs that organize meetings and events every other night. Western and Indian music societies, Theatre society, Art society, Broadway Club, Dance Society, Slam Poetry Club, Music Production Club to name a few. The administration is sometimes open to the idea of new clubs and societies, so if you have a unique idea, you can definitely pitch it.


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