Power of Thought!!

Focus on the moment!


Power Of Thought

Magdalena Brzeska, 26 times German champion , finalist in the European Championships and Olympic participant in one of the most coordinately demanding sports: sport of rhythmic gymnastics.

If she throws the clubs or a ball and catches it again in seconds after acrobatic exercises , the slightest mistake will be punished already . Her success: “It is important to stay in the present mentally throughout the presentation. Even the slightest thought of the past and the future , such as ‘ What happens if I do not throw the ball high enough? ‘, ‘ I hope I do not make the same mistake as yesterday! ‘ , has fatal consequences. Highest concentration is only possible if one deliberately keeps away one thoughts of past and future.”


 Tip for you


Have a general plan, there you wrote every step towards your target.
Besides that, you turn off the uninvited unsolicited statements of your inner temptation by concentrate on the `here and now`. Do not think about failed efforts in your past or a possible low motivation in the future. Lead your attention specifically to the present: Count your steps , pay attention to your breathing , look at the landscape -and evade your enemies gallantly his inner energy!

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Jasmin Waldmann
mental Coach & Director of Pilardio®

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