7 Types of Bosses Popularly Found in Organizations

Your relationship with your boss is perhaps the most critical relationship you will ever have at work, let alone with the kind/type of work that comes your way or your relationship with organization for that matter. S/he will be the biggest contributor to your professional career. Not only will they open new avenues for you, guide, motivate and teach you means for achieving a successful career but also act as your representator to hundreds and thousands of highly networked professionals s/he meets or interacts with.

But hey, this doesn’t stand true for all of them. Not all bosses could be your friends or confidants. Not all are approachable. There’s always a flip-side to the coin.

Here’s presenting to you seven types of bosses popularly found in organizations –

The Herd Manager

S/He is the multi-tasker and brilliant at managing teams. Working with them is an enriching experience since we learn what it’s like to be in a ‘herd’ without being heard. He expects his team members to follow the suit, take initiatives and responsibilities.. Herd managers are so busy managing the herd that the seldom look way ahead into the future. They key is to understand what is it that might trouble him/her later and proactively come up with ideas to overcome the same.

The Micro Manager:


They’re the ones who’re probably angry at you for font consistency on your presentation slides. If your boss is a micro manager, s/he will break a particular task into a gazillion sub tasks and then direct the way forward where each sub task is as important as the task itself. They’re very cautious and like to control all of your work. They make you deliver less work but more reports of the work being undertaken. Their behavior is obsessive, and leaves you with very little trust in your own abilities. However with so little room for improvement, one can figure out means of automating procedures which saves time. If they’re fewer things to check for the manager s/he would be very happy with you.

The Silence Killer:

senior boss

Have you ever noticed someone in the office whose pitch is louder than everyone else? You try to run as far as you can from him. Dealing with such bosses is easy only if you are prepared to take verbal blows from him. A high-pitched boss gets satisfaction from watching his subordinates take his nonsense. And if you can do exactly that, then you have dealt with him. Never give an impression that you are fed up with taking his nonsense, the more you accept his verbal blows, the more he believes he is right. By doing so, you will stay on his good side. But if you try to show that you are smarter than him by opposing him or getting into an argument with him, you perhaps risk your growth in the company and will probably do better with another type of boss.

The Workaholic One


Under this category are the types that do not believe in balancing work with life. He always puts the job first. Period.

You’d see him swimming in work on holidays, festivals, weekends and after hours. On top of that, he’d never call in sick and take a day off. The sad part arises with the fact that he never leaves the office, and you are always guilty tip toeing out of your workplace while he is still there. Just there.
He truly cares for his work so you need to up your efficiency levels too. In the end, think about it, bosses normally throw their workload on their subordinates. But this one will slog it through himself too. So team up with him and imbibe all that he’s learnt through his hard work.

The Mystery Boss

Types of bossesKnow of bosses that are always a part of locked-door meetings, unrevealed business tours, and so on? Everyone in office wonders what they do and almost no one knows. But the biggest disadvantage of such type of a boss is he’d leave you to figure your own things out and provide you with nil guidance.

Too bad you’ll still be on the hook if things go wrong. The only key that could make him like you is to wait it out and give him his space. Something like a persevering biologist in the jungle observing shy animals, to learn a little bit more about The Mystery’s habits.

The Hands-off Boss.

types of bosses


 The hands-off boss takes pride in giving his workers freedom and flexibility–maybe a little too much so. He won’t interfere with your projects, but at the same time, he may give you limited direction with which to start. He believes that all workers will do their best with minimal interference, which is at once empowering and bewildering. If you end up working for this boss, know that communication is going to be key; if you need help, you’re going to have to ask for it. If something’s unclear, you’ll need to voice your opinion. Otherwise, you’ll be left on your own to deal with it

The Balanced Boss

types of bosses

 The balanced boss is the rarest type of boss, because he embodies so many different qualities at once–and keeps them reasonably balanced. He’ll give you flexibility without alienating you, be approachable without crossing the professional line, and will change his mind without losing focus on his original objectives. If you end up working for a balanced boss, count yourself lucky; here, almost any worker can thrive.

Hope you enjoyed the read.


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