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Social Media is the big reality of our lives today. It doesn’t matter, whether you lead a happening or low key life in real! You can shrug off the laziness of your life and get in sync with the virtual reality out there.

It isn’t any irony therefore that even the meaning of the term, ‘socializing’ has changed quite a bit. You could be sipping your cup of cappuccino from the comfort of your air conditioned room, giving the outside world a total miss but by becoming a super social-star by simply logging in. And it isn’t just the everyday regular people that are making the most of social media.

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Stars, business tycoons, sports personalities, writers, activists and many others lead active ‘online’ lives courtesy social media. Extremely famous among our Bollywood film stars are popular social media blogging, conversational sites of Twitter, Facebook and followed by Instagram.

Celebs like to remain in touch with doting fans by giving a slice of their lives, an update about their movies, a glimpse of their regular activities and their takes on contemporary events. This brings in a lot of interactivity. And while those who crave for popularity find social media all the more exhilarating, established celebs become social anchors on important causes and events by keeping a tab on the larger society and its happenings.

So who are the most popular stars on celebrated social mediums of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Let’s check it out:


  1. Sachin Tendulkar


The name needs no introduction. He’s the master blaster, a champion of all cricketing formats and someone we’ve grown up regarding as the ‘god’ of Cricket. Tendulkar’s popularity has only witnessed a boomerang hit northward ever since he retired from in October in 2013.

And it’s all because of social media. The Master-Blaster offers vivid anecdotes on the game and of its many talents using the Twitter and Facebook and commands a humongous following on both mediums.


  1. Narendra Modi


Perhaps no other spectacle other than that of our own Prime Minister being in active touch with his followers courtesy social media is best indicative of the trend that the ‘times, they are changing”!

Gone are the days when our supreme political leaders seemed to be inward, insular individuals who revealed a side to their personality only during high-level meetings and political gatherings. The leaders today are engaging and interactive with denizens of their country. Shri Narendra Modi, among the most recognized faces of Indian polity is an active user of Twitter and Facebook.

His tweets, like himself, focus on development, progress and offer vivid insights on the socio-political landscape of the world’s largest democracy.


  1. Virat Kohli


The name Kohli has become synonymous with slaying world’s best bowling attacks. Kohli’s rise as India’s most consistent domestic and overseas batsman lends itself to his incredible ability to stick in the game when the chips are down.

The fans in India love him, his admirers in the world swear by him and even the ICC rankings salute his batting.

Kohli also commands a Virat fan following on Twitter and Facebook. The tattooed Delhi boy is a favorite among girls and a young icon for millions who aspire to be successful like him. His social media accounts offer glimpses of his life beyond the nets, amidst glamour and flashing lights.


  1. Priyanka Chopra


Fast emerging as India’s most famous actor globally alongside stars like AR Rahman and Irfan Khan, the recent Padma Shree winner is an immensely popular social media celebrity.

A self-confessed, ‘selfie addict’, Priyanka Chopra’s following among audiences of different age owes itself to her perky nature and an eclectic range of movies that aren’t just always your regular multiplex blobs. She’s loving to her fans and hasn’t as yet been part of any intricate controversies that can easily be a popularity dampener.


  1. Aamir Khan


He’s versatile. He’s a brilliant actor. And, he’s also a conscientious Indian, who doesn’t mind an occasional Twitter confrontation when it comes to social issues hurdling his beloved India. In Aamir Khan, we have a seasoned veteran of Bollywood who isn’t about hype and hoopla as many of today’s actors.

Khan’s massive Twitter following owes itself to the Mumbai born’s thinking persona. He talks less but when he does, people listen to him. Aamir also doesn’t shy away from commentating on social stigmas and other problems facing India that are rooted in a parochial mindset that hampers our collective growth.

Like his films, his take on things, white, black or brown are seasoned and at best, intelligent.


  1. Amitabh Bachchan


The Big B of Bollywood is also a ‘shehenshah’ of social media. One of the most popular Indians on the planet, Mr. Bachchan’s massive popularity on both Twitter and Facebook owes itself to his magnificent versatility in his films and his larger than life persona off the rolling camera.

A demi god of India, Mr. Bachchan is also a vocal commentator of many an issue surrounding India’s social and cultural sphere. With his experience, comes a wisdom that reflects in Mr. Bachchan’s pithy and amicable takes on a variety of topics. This is a quality that keeps him in good stead with his fans worldwide.


  1. Sonakshi Sinha


We wonder if a dialogue the smiling beauty would be silently gushing to herself would be, “Thappad khane se darr nahin lagta, bas fans ginne se lagta hai”. Sonakshi, after all is so popular on social media.

Be it her choice of films, her starry charisma appearing alongside most popular Bollywood actors, Sonakshi isn’t just a popular hit in ad films and in film publicity, but also on social media.


  1. Hrithik Roshan


India’s Greek God and among the most stylish and suave actors on the earth, there’s no denying the incredible Hrithik Roshan. Roshan’s publicity, with off late has been dwindling downward thanks to a bitter legal battle with rumored-ex, Kangna, finding all the mention on Twitter.

But in a world where any form of publicity is publicity at the end of the day, it is also a reminder that when you open your door to a person, just about anyone walks in! Ain’t that right Hrithik!


  1. Akshay Kumar


An iconic Bollywood star and perhaps equally popular as the famous Khan triumvirate, Akshay is also a ‘khiladi’ of social media.

Active on Twitter and Facebook, the smart actor keeps off from needlessly commentating on any major controversy or and instead focuses on movie promotions, events surrounding film publicity, hyperlinks of his interviews and all things Bollywood!

And must it be said, that’s the right shot Akki!


  1. Shah Rukh Khan


We adore him as our favorite Khan. His initials send a spell of charisma wherever he can’t go and despite, nearing 50, he sends women weak in their knees.

To step into Shah Rukh Khan’s world, you just need to follow the mega-star on Twitter and Facebook, apart from watching his classic romantic movies.

Then, it’s just a matter of time, before you become a ‘fan’.


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