THE POKÉMON GO PANDEMONEUM : Will you catch ’em all ?



Being a kid from the 90’s, people like us witnessed and saw something really very special go down week in and week out on our cartoon channels, specifically – Cartoon Network. But what arguably remains the undisputed name in this long line of TV series is Pokemon.

The daily, half and hour show became a lot more than just that. It became a part of our lives in such a way that we lived and breathed by the names of these sweet, cool and downright awesome powerful creatures known as pokemons !

Pokemon game

And not long afterwards did marketing opportunists seize the moment and started to manufacture or advertise their products using the name and likeness of these characters ! And at the same time, there perhaps wasn’t any such kid in school, me included who traded pokemon cards or did some random gig in the name of the same !

As it is with everything else in the world, after a certain time the hype surrounding Pikachu and all his buddies died down, and somewhere in between all that…we grew up.

Almost two decades later, people all over the world have started going outdoors, walking for miles, trespassing into private areas – all this to catch pokemons !

The success for such a game – Pokemon Go, almost feels like something which was written in the stars. The fun factor which it carries along with it, is something which only the people who have played it will understand !

It’s not everyday that a craze like this is felt over some particular thing. Needless to say, we here at What’s Up Life got it covered and made a guide for you !


Pokemon show

“Pokemon Go” is a smartphone app that mimics the gameplay of the Pokemon series. The user walks around and catches Pokemon in their vicinity. You can then train, battle or evolve your Pokemon to raise their power.


Pokemon mobile app

Niantic, the company that designed the game, teamed up with Google Maps to help design the game mechanics for walking around in real time to play the game. The user is able to see their avatar walking around the world, as well as ‘PokeStops’, special locations where digital items such as potions, poke balls and eggs can be found. Players also search for ‘Gyms’ where Pokemon are trained and battles take place.

Using your smartphone’s camera, the game projects animated critters into your immediate surroundings, letting you capture and battle them. You can also visit real world locations to gather items, as well as team up with and compete with other players.

When you first boot up the app, you create your character from a limited set of aesthetic options, and are then immediately tasked with picking your “starter” pokemon.
Then, your chosen animal pops up on the screen, AR-style, and an upward swipe on the display sends a pokéball, flying forward, and within moments … congratulations, you’ve captured your very first Pokémon!

Unlike other Pokémon games, your on-screen avatar has an experience level, which you increase by completing various tasks, such as capturing new creatures, evolving Pokémon, or visiting locations.


Pokemon mobile app

The overall experience of the game isn’t exhilarating (at least for an adult), but what makes this game so special and clearly a crowd favorite at this particular moment is the fact that pokemon fans like myself have been given the chance to finally see, capture, train and battle these creatures in the real world…our world.
The satisfaction level simply skyrockets because of this.

All of that player popularity and press coverage that the game is receiving won’t have gone unnoticed by rival game developers.Pokémon Go straight up proves that augmented reality and gaming are a good match.

This has got us thinking…what’s next ?


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