Pilots To Announce When You Are Flying Over India’s Historical Monuments

The next time you are on a flight and wish to get an aerial view of the recently introduced Statue of Unity , the age old Taj Mahal or other Indian monuments, the pilot would notify you about the same.

MonumentsIn a recent move, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued an advisory to airlines, asking them to make announcements whenever you are flying over important monumental structures. This would help the passengers in getting a quick glimpse of the special monuments and structures. Apart from Hindi and English, the announcement would be made in local languages too.

The advice has come after Prime Minister, Narendra Modi had tweeted on December 21, ” I would specially urge you all to visit Kevadia and see the ‘Statue of Unity’. Some friends told me that the Statue can also be seen during Delhi-Mumbai flights. So, next time you are flying that route do try to spot that statue.”

monumentsHowever, the DGCA advisory also mentioned that, the additional in-flight announcements are to be made without compromising any safety requirements and the core job functions of the crew members.

All in all, this welcome move might help us get a perfect view of the Indian monuments.


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