Is the party over at the Playboy Mansion?

There are many ways of describing Hugh Hefner, the leading force and brain behind the iconic Playboy magazine and the famous Playboy publishing. It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that he is the grand old man of the American publishing industry.

A famous celebrity and an icon seeped in the cultural vein of America, many regard him as the ‘tour de force’ behind notoriety in the American publishing industry, thanks to the immensely popular Playboy Magazine, a medium that came to exist thanks to a 1000 dollar loan that Hefner took from his mother.

Playboy mansionBut, no matter what one might say about the forever smartly dressed, dapper, playful and young-at-heart millionaire, at the moment he cannot be described as the happiest person in the world.

The reason, although simple is a painful one.

No, this isn’t to say that Hefner, the Chicago born World War II veteran is suffering from agonizing pain which is customary at his age. The Illinois born American is 89 years by the way and doing alright despite having grown frail over the years. The fact that the Playboy Mansion; among the world’s most celebrated and recognized places in the entire United States of America. The residence of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, and an idyllic spot for various marketing, creative and fashion industry activities is currently up for sale.

The Den of Notoriety

As reported by popular world media, the home of Hefner, a charismatic playboy himself, is up for grabs for a whopping sum of 200 million US Dollars. One of the most charming, alluring and breathtakingly beautiful spots in the entire Beverly Hills, the Mansion, along with

playboy3The mansion that first got worldwide attention way back in the 1970s, when it was covered n media for hosting swing of glamorous parties is spread over an area of 5-acres. A globally renowned symbol thanks to being home of one of the world’s most recognized faces in American media, Hugh Hefner’s residence was completed way back in 1953.

Often regarded as a legendary piece of architecture, the world-famous Playboy Mansion was design-conceived by American architect Arthur Roland Kelly who died in 1959.

Many myths and fancy stories have cocked up about the world famous architectural icon in the United States. Playboy Mansion for years is rumored to have held notorious and bizarre bedtime group sex-rituals. It was once regarded that almost all of its playmates, were required to sleep with the multi-millionaire.

Mansion Not

the playboy mansionThe residence of the founder is located in Homby Hills, at Los Angeles in California, also regarded as the Sunshine state of America. While work commenced upon the mansion way back in 1927, finished in the mid- fifties, it houses as many as 29 rooms, at the moment.

The first ever edition of the Playboy magazine was launched way back in December 1953. In the 6 decades hence, it has become a cultural symbol of America’s gravitas in the world and the celebrated home of Hefner; The Playboy Mansion a globally recognized symbol of ultimate fantasies.

It is no secret that the iconic American Hugh Hefner’s penchant for exuberance, heavy duty glamor and panache left such an impact on the cultural strand of America and beyond that till very recently parties held at the Playboy Mansion.

BEL AIR, CA - JULY 15: Hugh Hefner and his Playmates look on during Fight Night at the Playboy Mansion on July 15, 2003 in Bel Air, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)The house, located close to the Los Angeles Country Club, near the legendary UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) may still be up for grabs and so shall it remain for a while for it has been at the epicenter of the American dream and aspirations. These are values that can’t ever be valued in numbers. But the Hefner residence is facing stiff competition from posh residences in the close vicinity. A Realtor, Rory Barish recently stated that a posh and ultra luxury estate located nearby to this Beverly Hills marvel recently sold for around 59 million. While he rightly feels that some may even gun for a figure closing in around 90 million but who on earth will opt for the old, un-revamped ‘has been’?

What happens now?


secret entrance to the famous Playboy Mansion CaveThe Playboy Mansion for years has held extravagant parties and ultra glitzy events featuring leading actors, actresses, journalists and other celebrities from the socio-cultural landscape of America. It’s status as a den of unparalleled cult and style marked by what many think are voyeuristic fantasies thanks to the presence of divas; known as Playboy Bunnies have for long captured shutterbugs from American media.

With 29 rooms, a game house, home theatre, wine cellar, gymnasium, tennis court and a sprawling and swimming pool, the Playboy Mansion is your ultimate fancy for arousing untested fancies. Features specifically designed to seep in a little seduction such as the notorious cave called Grotto have only raised mercury over the years in exquisite parties hosted by Hefner for friends and others.

Playboy; Hugh Hefner’s iconic magazine that has famously published literary pieces by stalwarts of literature such as, Saul Bellow; a Jewish American literary icon, P.G. Woodehouse, Chuck Palahniuk; known for the famous Brad Pitt starrer Fight Club; and many other distinguished writers is still up and running but the founder seems to be in low spirits.

axs dot comWhile Hefner, based in Beverly Hills is still around despite the old age, many ex-Playboy Bunnies have shared that the lack of any restoration of an increasingly lame architectural piece, that was once a modern day souvenir of class and luxury has been the reason why the charm associated with the place is fading.

Would you go for it or would you not

The place is still up for grabs but the condition remains unchanged! Hefner has shared that he is unwilling to move out of the Mansion. So enter at your own risk.

The place is yours for the taking but the good old Mr. Hefner may not be very impressed with ‘what you got’.


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