10 Online Shopping Hacks That Will Help You Save a Bundle

One must completely agree with the fact that with the advent of online shopping platforms lives have become much easier for Indian consumers. Now, one can have a special dress from across the globe delivered at their doorstep with utmost ease. Yes, online shopping has indeed made all our lives much more comfortable and easier but even this privilege comes with a few internal challenges of its own.

The most primary challenge being that not everything you find online is affordable to begin with. Adding to that there are different prices for the same products on different platforms, making the choice of end customers more complicated.

If you too are an avid online shopper and want to get the best out of online retail, then read on as we at What’s Up Life list down for you 10 Online Shopping Hacks that will help you save a bundle.

1- Want Discounts? Leave without completing purchase

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The first thing you need to know about online shopping is that even though everything is technical and automatic but the platform has a human touch too. If you love a product but cannot afford it, just leave it in your cart and the next time you will browse the same or any other website you will discount banners for the same products being flashed on your screen. Yes, it is as simple as that.

2- Make payment from Credit Card instead of a Debit Card

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If you know your finances and keep a thorough track of the same, then it is always advisable for you to use to credit card over debit cards for online payment. The reason behind this is that most banks and shopping platforms have collaborated recently with Payback and Cash Back services that will help you score some extra discounts on the products.

Also, in case of returns, refunds are made faster on Credit Cards over Debit Cards.

3- Favourite Items you like

online shopping hacksMost online shopping platforms allow you to favorite (add star) the product that you like but most shoppers are unaware of this tool. By favoriting the items, you like the platform will give you instant updates when those products are on sales.

4- Buy Discount Cards instead of paying online for each order

shopping hacksWebsites like Amazon and Flipkart offer you gift cards that one can use to order their favorite products within one year. For every product, you order the value from the discount card is deducted and no payment is needed.

Interestingly these online platforms offer you a minimum of 20% discount on these cards. For example- Amazon and Flipkart were both offering INR 5000 worth of discount card for INR 4200 only. Thus, a discount of 800 without even having to do anything special.

5- Score Through Referral Discounts

shopping hacksMost online shopping platforms give you the option of referring to friends and earning huge discounts. You can take advantage of such situations by making multiple accounts and shopping from all of them to earn greater chunks of discounts.

6- Shop Thursdays and Fridays to Get Maximum Discounts

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A common practice among online shopping platforms is that they tune up their discount percentages over the end of the working week days i.e.- Thursdays and Fridays. Make the best use out of this info to get more discounts to pricy deals.

P.S- Never shop on Monday. Deals are new, online platforms are most conservative with discounts at the beginning of the week.

7- Download Honey Extension on Chrome to find coupon codes

shopping hacksHoney is a website and a google chrome extension that helps you to instantly find coupon codes on the products you are shopping. The extension works amazingly well with international shopping platforms and for multinational brands.

8- Follow each brand religiously on social media

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If you are the kind of shopper who are very serious about their brands then it is utmost important that you follow these brands on platforms like Instagram, FB and Twitter too. What happens sometimes is that the brands reveal coupons and codes frequently as part of their digital marketing strategy that you can thrive on.

9- Sign Up for Newsletters

shopping hacksAll the online shopping platforms come out with a newsletter every now and then that gives shoppers information about latest discounts, on sale products and upcoming flash sales. Subscribe to these to stay ahead in the online shopping game and sweep away the discounts as soon as they occur.

10- Compare Prices

shopping hacksAlways compere the prices of the product you want to purchase from different websites before paying for it. Use websites like Compare India, Where2shop, Price Dekho, My SmartPrice for the same and save bundles on off the rack rates.


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