9 Online Platforms That Are One Stop Shop for All Facial Grooming Needs for Men

Gone are the days when the rugged, untrimmed looks of men were considered suave and sexy. In the modern times, today the most fashionable looks for men demand organizing of the most unorganized facial features. Without a doubt, Beards and Gelled hair are the most ‘in-thing’ season in terms of men grooming. However, even men beard and hair roughness need a lot of maintaining to appear as appealing and inviting to the opposite sex.

There is an endless list of men out in the country today who want to sport these diverse facial looks. However, little information about the products that can help them brush up these looks is not available to them. If you too are one who is looking for help to try on some stunning new looks then read on, as we at What’s Up Life are listing down for you 9 online platforms that are a one stop shop for all facial grooming needs for men.


Beardo Men's facial grooming needs

The online platform Beardo was born out of the lack of options for the urban male, who likes to grow and maintain his beard, but has no alternative other than using ordinary oils or incompatible products. The e-commerce store also specializes in manufacturing other men grooming products such as Hair gels, Shampoos, Shower gels, Soaps and Skincare oils & other products. The brand custodians at Beardo claim to be using the choicest ingredients for their products which are a reason behind the massive popularity brand owns on social media.

Cost: The brand products start at INR 250

Brahma Bull

Brahma Bull Men's facial grooming needs

The Brahma Bull product line is believed to have been designed keeping in minds the need of men grooming in mind. The products of the brand are made with only natural ingredients with no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic dyes, all of which can lead to skin irritation, as well as leach the moisture from skin and hair. The brand offers anti-ageing cream, Beard growth oil, face cleanser and hair styling creams that promise to glam up even the dullest of facial features.

Cost: The brand products start at INR 250

Gangs of Beard

Gangs of Beard Men's facial grooming needsGangs of Beard is an answer to all those people who believe that men facial grooming is very expensive and hence can only be afforded by the high and mighty. With products starting as low as INR 99, the brand Gangs of Beard has revolutionized the world of facial hair grooming and offers a variety of products to help men to sport the bearded look one has always been dreaming off.

Cost: The brand products start at INR 99

Mister Man

Mister Man Men's facial grooming needsNot so much an online platform for facial grooming but Mister Man is without a doubt one of the best beard oil selling brands in the country. With almost guaranteed results seen in less than 2 weeks, the brand has built an incredible customer base in a short span of time that speaks volumes about the efficiency of their key product- Beard Oil Glass Bottle. The Beard oil adds moisture to beard, softening the hair and is terrific in controlling acne under the hair which is one of the most common problems for people with beards and mustaches.

Cost: The brand products start at INR 499


Ustraa Men's facial grooming needs

Ustraa is a men’s grooming sub-brand under the Happily Unmarried company which was established in 2003. The mother brand is a manufacturing unit cum marketing agency that does everything right from organizing events to designing communication strategies for corporates. Ustraa offers to its audiences an array of grooming products right from beard oil & waxes to men cologne, shower creams, face wash and even travel accessories. Their e-shopping platform has a lot to offer and is decently priced too.

Cost: The brand products start at INR 299

St. Beard

St. Beard Men's facial grooming needs

As the name suggests, St. Beard is another men’s facial grooming brand that offers products in the beard oil and wax category. The brand has a limited number of products to its name but all of them are reviewed to be most effective for all kinds of facial hair growth. The brand is based out of New Delhi and is quite affordable as well.

Cost: The brand products start at INR 199

The Man Company

The Man Company Men's facial grooming needs

The Man Company is yet another Indian brand that offers a head to toe range of grooming essentials. Their products range from hair gels, shampoos, face washes, beard oils, beard washes, soap bars, body washes, shave gels to fragrances and all of them are believed to have been made from premium quality ingredients. The brand has also been acknowledged by several media journals and websites for the fabulous quality of their products.

Cost:  The brand products start at INR 99

Bombay Shaving Company

Bombay Shaving Company Men's facial grooming needs

From multiple brands that encourage you to grow beards, we come to the Bombay Shaving Company that is a brand which aims at enhancing the shaving experiences of men across the world. The brand believes in crafting a system that would allow shaving to become an immersive, joyous experience that would become a daily look-forward-to. The brand sells a 6 part Men’s shaving system and 3 step shaving regimens that are set to bring clean shaven looks a delight for all men.

Cost:  The brand products start at INR 1595

Let’s Shave

Let’s Shave Men's facial grooming promises to be a one-stop-solution to all shaving needs of a man. The brand has partnered with one of the talented pioneers of razor industry Dorco and offers quality razor, blades as well a bunch of shaving products to make clean shaven looks a fashion statement again. The brand is a global project and is already doing well in international markets because of their diversified product offerings. What’s the feather in the cap is the fact that their products are quite affordable as well.

Cost:  The brand products start at INR 199


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