Places You Never Thought Existed In India

There is no dirth of surprises here! I am talking about our dear homeland, India. It is time to stop looking westwards for quirky, offbeat places to do to and things to do. India boasts of some of the most unconventional, eccentric  places that most of you are most likely unaware of. Here are some jack-in-the-boxes that are just waiting to devour you! I bet you, these will swipe you off your ground!

Himalayan Writer’s Retreat

Himalayan writer's retreat places you didn't know existed

If you’re a prospective writer and looking to spark the writer’s fire, this is your go to place. This retreat stands apart in its concept and the man behind it, Chetan Mahajan. An ex prison inmate, who, owing to his experience in jail, conceptualised The Himalayan Writer’s Retreat, after his sensational book “The Bad Boys Of Bokaro Jail” became a best seller. Chetan left the city and the comfort of the corporate world to be a full-time author and blogger. The retreat is Chetan’s attempt to help others move their book projects forward. In the process he hopes to learn more about writing himself.

Situated in a small village in Nainital district, The retreat runs on two lines, The Himalayan Writing Weekend, for novice writers who want to get their dreamed-of book projects going, and The Himalayan Writing Retreat, for those looking to get inspired. But in both formats, the Himalayas are the haven. Bonfires, stargazing, and forest walks complete the experience. The inspiration from nature and the majesty of these mountains stirs something inside every writer.

Charges: INR 25,000 for the Weekend program  {includes all meals, accommodation, one-on-one sessions and workshops over three days and four nights}.


Call: 9717615666


Corn Village

unknown places in india

Arousing the curiosity of most tourists, is the village of Sainji, 20 km from Mussoorie. What makes this place o unique is the tradition of hanging corn, outside or inside of homes, left to dry over long periods of time and then ground to flour…hence, the name assigned, Corn Village! Another unique characteristic of the village is the height of the doors of the houses, strategically decided to prevent thefts. Here the wealth of a family is determined by the number of corn cobs hung on the house! The place is worth a visit, merely for its idiosyncratic energies.

Mudhouse Hostel

unknown places in india

The brainchild of Rahul Kumar, who drained out of his inability to find offbeat budget hostels to stay at, converted the traditional mudhouse to an experiential hostel in Jibhi, Tirthan Valley, urrounded by pine trees and the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. It is at a walking distance from a waterfall, and closer to Sainj valley with the cleanest night skies.

The concept behind the inception was to provide a pocket-friendly abode to writers, photographers, editors and anyone else looking to create something worthwhile. The place, emphatically, is not available for regular ‘hangouts’. It is primarily for solo travellers or inspiration seeking individuals, who are on a look out to stay for long and on a low budget.

Charges: INR 640 per day

Where: Gadhagushaini road, near Jibhi camps, Tirthan, Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh

Call: 9811359806


Stone Age Cafe and Inn

unknown places in india

Situated near Kuchumb Waterfall, Kullu, this Stone Age Inn, perfectly lives up to it’s name. Surrounded by all of nature’s glory, this is a getaway from the maddening city noise. Though the water supply and network connection is fairly available, do make sure you are well equipped with warm clothes and power back ups for your phone. If you’re looking to find some peace and experience the raw life of the mountains, this is where you head.

Where: Kuchumb Waterfall, Tosh, Distt. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Call: 8800860348




Say hello to Astroport, the first astronomy resort & adventure experience camp in India. Apart from just stargazing, the resort has brilliant camping facilities and many other activities like rock climbing, nature walk, jungle safari, village tours, track n sign, camel safari, horse riding, pottery, organic farm tour, yoga and aerobics.

Charges:  INR 13,000 – INR 22,000 

Where: Roopbas, Tehla, Rajasthan

Call: 9278767700


The gaze extends beyond your horizon….if you know of any more such bizarrely fascinating places for us….do share!



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