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Want to explore the world around you?..  Need to take a pause from exuberant city life in Noida, or you get impatient to dive into rich heritage of the wondrous historical sites of India?

Here we offer you the range of most attractive & unforgettable destinations all around NOida & Ghaziabad to discover & enjoy…  Just go for it! There are plenty of Options for Offsites in Noida, Picnic spots near Ghaziabad, Resorts in Noida, Weekend getaways near delhi, Day outings near Noida & adventure holiday options.

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Caring Life Foundation, Greater Noida
Caring Life Foundation NGO's & Social Causes
Greater Noida (Alpha | Beta | Delta | Gamma | Knowledge Park)

Caring Life Foundation is a not -for- profit voluntary organization working for awareness cum prevention of cancer/aids patients in different states of the country. The Foundation works on the principle of “Prevention is better than cure". Foundation encourages people of society for “Education of girls of underprivileged section" and provide financial assistance to girls of the weaker section through arranging their fees or books for them up to secondary education level.

Titliyan, Noida
Titliyan NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

Titliyan started with a simple aim, to improve the lives of students who are willing to learn but lack resources. We organize after school classes for students studying in local government schools to give them extra academic help. They are helping more than 140 enthusiastic students to be better with the help of 10 teachers.

Park Side Rd, C Block, Pocket C, Sector 19, Noida

Sankalp Shakti Foundation, Noida
Sankalp Shakti Foundation NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

Sankalp Shakti Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. With the help of our tireless staff, the foundation organizes fundraisers, community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for our volunteers.

Office No. 102, 1st Floor, Shree Amar Complex, Atta Market, Sector-27, Noida

Drishtee Noida
Drishtee NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

 Their Mission is to collaborate with marginalized communities to develop and nurture rural enterprises and support the community ecosystem. They want to make a strong community which they can count as their family.

Knowledge Boulevard, 8th Floor, Tower B, Plot no A-8A, Noida

Vidya & Child, Sector 37 Noida
Vidya & Child NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

Vidya & Child works to bridge the gap for those children who have little or no access to education. It was started in 1998 with the objective of providing a creative learning environment for underprivileged children. It caters to children from Nursery to Class XII & beyond. Most of the children are first generation learners and have parents who work as domestic servants, rickshaw pullers, industrial workers, plumbers & street vendors. Vidya & Child offers a holistic approach through intensive Life Skills and Arts & Performing Arts along with academic, financial & mentoring support. It helps each child to explore and identify their uniqueness within.

58, Ambedkar Vihar, Sector 37, Noida

Empowering Minds Society for Research & Development, Ghaziabad
Empowering Minds Society for Research & Developmen NGO's & Social Causes
Ghaziabad (Vaishali | Indirapuram | Vasundhara | Raj Nagar Ext.)

Empowering Minds -Society for Research and Development (EM) is a registered NGO set up under the Societies Act (1860). It utilizes various participative methodologies in working with individuals and communities for empowering them to attain a better quality of life and sustained development. The NGO's first opportunity came with a voluntary training assignment for a research project with the local NGOs in Delhi whose field investigators were trained in data collection and data cleaning and further analysis.

127, Sector 5, Vaishali, Ghaziabad

Advocates Pedia Foundation, Greater Noida
Advocates Pedia Foundation NGO's & Social Causes
Greater Noida (Alpha | Beta | Delta | Gamma | Knowledge Park)

Advocates Pedia Foundation (APF) is about both people and virtual place. The foundation's main aims and objectives are to work for the development of legal education and social causes as and when felt needed by its members and the management Committee. The target of these activities is the inclusion of an enlightened outlook and democratic values among the masses of India. Along with the other social activities, APF's endeavour is to deliver legal services to the sectors of society which are unable to access the same services due to illiteracy and poor economic conditions.

Alpha 1 Block B Rd, Alpha-I Commercial Belt, Block B, Alpha I, Greater Noida

Human Touch Foundation, Greater Noida
Human Touch Foundation NGO's & Social Causes
Greater Noida (Alpha | Beta | Delta | Gamma | Knowledge Park)

Human Touch Foundation is a not for profit organisation who have been sincerely and tirelessly striving for social welfare with an explicit aim to providing comfort and dignity in every person’s life, depending upon their personal needs. Not limiting themselves to any one particular cause or issue, the foundation adheres to a policy of striving to effect betterment to the society at large through our grass root level initiatives.

Sector Alpha II Greater Noida

Durga Educational Welfare Society, Ghaziabad
Durga Educational Welfare Society NGO's & Social Causes
Rest of Ghaziabad

Durga Educational Welfare Society (DEWS) is a Government Registered Voluntary Organization implementing different welfare activities with a prime focus to improve community health and ensuring rights among the marginalized women and children. These activities are being implemented in close collaboration with different State & Central departments along with active community support. Their aim is to educate the illiterate people and to bring the computer education to those people who have problems understanding English so that they can take full advantage of the techniques.

Ashram building, Sudamapuri road, double storey Govindpuri, Modinagar, Ghaziabad

TiE Global, Noida
TiE Global NGO's & Social Causes
Central Noida & Extension (Sector 63- 140 | Expressway)

TiE Global is the largest and the most vibrant chapter across the vast TiE network. It is a nonprofit venture devoted to entrepreneurs in all industries, at all stages, from incubation, throughout the entrepreneurial lifecycle. With a global reach and a local focus, the heart of TiE efforts lies in its five foundational programs, – Mentoring, Networking, Education, Funding, and Incubation. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community. TiE’s focus area is to generate enable the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Unit 1102, 11th Floor, Tower A Advant IT Park, Plot No 7, Sector 142 Expressway, Noida

Aashralaya Foundation, Noida
Aashralaya Foundation NGO's & Social Causes
Central Noida & Extension (Sector 63- 140 | Expressway)

Aashralaya Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization with a mission to provide better living facilities among the deprived sections of the society.  Their aim is to provide opportunities to the needy through which they will develop skills, obtain knowledge through education, motivate and inspire them to be responsible through various innovative programs. The foundation conducts various events and activities involving orphanages, beggars, HIV patients, old age homes, physically challenged, differently abled, etc.

Salarpur In Front of Metro Pillar No-172, Salarpur Khadar, Sector - 106, Noida


Encouraging NGO's & Social Causes
Rest of Ghaziabad

Encouraging is public charitable trust in Lucknow, founded by Amren Sahlehs in May 2016. As a non-profit organisation, it focuses on improving the living conditions of the individuals and the families in the poorest communities in India. Encouraging basically works for the well being and welfare of individuals and the families especially the weaker section of the society.

474/23/3, Sitapur Road, Khadra, Lucknow

Emmanuel Seva Group India NGO's & Social Causes
Greater Noida (Alpha | Beta | Delta | Gamma | Knowledge Park)

Emmanuel Seva Group is an Indian social welfare, educational and charity organization. They partner with children, families, and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. Their belief is to empower children out of poverty and believing that no child is lost and no situation is hopeless.

Gali Number 3, Nayagaon, Sector 87, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201305, India

Navgatha Noida
Navgatha- Navigating Skills NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

Navgatha presents a range of premium diaries and journals wrapped to match all your writing needs under one pit stop. Embrace the writer in you.

Based in Noida

NGO Sapna, Noida
NGO Sapna NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

NGO Sapna was registered in Delhi under the Societies Registration Act on October 21, 2004. It was founded by a group of professionals who shared a common dream and had come together to work on a people-centric model of development in areas like public health, education, gender, community development and social welfare. The foundation takes inspiration from the Gandhian ideals of social change. The foundation's aim is to work as an ‘agent of change’ to help the poorest of the poor access and actualise their rights as enshrined in the Constitution of India.

B-80, Sector 31, Noida

Parusram Seva Samiti  Noida
Parusram Seva Samiti NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

PARSURAM strives to provide opportunities for socio-economic and spiritual development of vulnerable groups like street & working children, rural poor, women in general and the aberrant youth towards attaining the envisioned society.

C Block, Pocket C, Sector 19, Noida

Desire Society, Noida
Desire Society NGO's & Social Causes
Central Noida & Extension (Sector 63- 140 | Expressway)

DESIRE Society is a non-profit voluntary organization established in the year of 2004 and registered in the year 2005 under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001 (Act no 35 or, 2001) in Hyderabad. The mission of DESIRE Society is to improve the lives of people struggling with the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic by preventing HIV infection, facilitating access to treatment care and support and lessening the impact of AIDS.

A-202 Sector 92 Gautam Budha Nagar, Noida

Khushi Foundation NGO's & Social Causes
Ghaziabad (Vaishali | Indirapuram | Vasundhara | Raj Nagar Ext.)

The KHUSHI Foundation, India is a Non-Government Organisation. They are working for poor slum children education and women health development in NCR & UP. Their mission is to make a better life for underprivileged children by giving them a good education in a good environment.

201010, Sector 4, Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010, India

Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development, Greater Noida
Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library NGO's & Social Causes
Greater Noida (Alpha | Beta | Delta | Gamma | Knowledge Park)

Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development (RSSWLD) came into existence in 2009. The aim of the foundation is to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and information at the grass root level by setting up libraries in rural areas. The NGO is involved in the various programmes not just establishment of libraries or girl education but also likes of Nukkad Natak, World Environment day, workshops / conferences, Van Mahotsav Celebration, Ice Bucket Challenge etc, creating unforgettable experiences by bringing brands to life.

Plot No. 5, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida

Rittana Childrens Foundation, Noida
Rittana Childrens Foundation NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

Rittana Childrens Foundation is a non-profit society dedicated to the cause of creating sustainable projects that would assist vulnerable children. The foundation work towards restoring lost childhood of underprivileged children by providing education, life skills and overall development. Rittana Childrens Foundation, with a vision to empower children, aims to amplify the voice of every child in distress faced with discrimination and exploited by society.

Niveda Foundation, Noida
Niveda Foundation NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

Nivida Foundation is an independent organization working towards the betterment of society. With absolutely no religious and political affiliation, the foundation continues to serve the people to ensure they live with respect and dignity. From women empowerment services in India to children welfare activities, Niveda foundation invests their time and resources in a lot of welfare activities.

N-585, Sector-25, Noida

Magic Bus India Foundation, Noida
Magic Bus India Foundation NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

Magic Bus works with more than 3.75 lakh children and 10,000 young people living in poverty across 22 States of India to move them out of poverty. Magic Bus works with India's poorest communities and children using an award-winning activity-based curriculum culminating in a Livelihoods programme. The Childhood to Livelihood approach enables children and young people to move out of poverty by completing secondary education and getting a stable job.

B-13, Third Floor, Sector 2, Noida

Ramagya Foundation NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

Ramagya Foundation is a CSR initiative by Purusharth Charitable Society that envisions being primary support and platform for implementing sustainable programs that deliver preferential options for the underprivileged in the field of education, empowerment, livelihood, environment, animal welfare and life-affirming programs for every eligible youth to be a change maker.

E-7, E Block, Sector 50, Noida

SaiKripa  BalKutir  Noida
SaiKripa, BalKutir NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

Some of the Children cannot ever experience what having one’s family feels like, since they are made homeless soon after their birth…. such can be the cruelty of fate at times. It is these children we see on the streets; begging, being exploited or taking to drugs and crimes in sheer desperation or out of necessity.ary concern is these unfortunate children - to provide them with the basics of life, i.e. a home, education, love and affection.

Z-133-134, Sector 12, Noida

Saksham Kids Noida
Saksham Kids NGO NGO's & Social Causes
Main Noida (Sector 1 - 62 | Sector 18 | Film City | Sector 50)

They are running an informal school in Nithari village , Sector-31, Noida which has an enrolment of around 450 children in the age-groups of 4 to 16.The school is run in two shifts, the evening shift also serving as supplementary schooling for those already enrolled in the local schools in Nithari.

Nithari Village, Sector 31, Noida

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