Noida Gets Vertical Gardens To Combat Pollution

After all the hullabaloo about rising pollution levels, Noida has taken a step forward in the direction of combating it in the most sensible way. Taking a cue from China and Italy, Noida has started setting up vertical gardens to boost the aesthetics of the city and to help curb pollution.

vertical gardens

As reported by PTI, Noida Authority officials said that vertical gardens are slated to come upon  the Pillars under the metro rail corridors, all Elevated roads, Flyovers and Drains…..promising? I think so…After heavy efforts by the Noida authorities, this comes as a positive directive.

The authority has already come up with vertical gardens at its office in Sector 6, besides one under the Sector 15 flyover — the entry point of the city if one comes from Delhi by road.

vertical gardens

Noida Authority General Manager Rajeev Tyagi said, initially, we have beautified Noida’s entry point, Sector 14 A, entry road from Delhi where Udyog Marg begins so that it gives a ‘Smart City’ look.” He also added, “There are six pillars each in Sector 16 and 18. They are in the process of tenders and we will finalise it in the month of August only,” .add to that the initiative was taken from the authority’s office building, which already has a vertical garden set shop!

The Green Sheen….

For those who are still in the contemplative state whether the effects of going green are directly proportional to the health effects,  here are some of the benefits you can grab from the initiative
  • Reduce urban heat
  • Clean air of pollutants and dust
  • Offsetting the carbon footprints of people and fuel emissions
  • Removing toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from interior air (if set on a residential tower

vertical gardens

“There are six pillars each in Sector 16 and 18. They are in the process of tenders and we will finalise it in the month of August only,” said Mr. Tyagi.

With Bengaluru being the first Indian city to set up vertical gardens to combat pollution,..and Nagpur and Kochi….Delhi, earlier this year, Gurgaon getting it recently….Noida treads closely… is almost tear rolling that sensibility is finally being delivered!

So, Noida peeps, apart from your entertainment and gastronomical outings, here is one outing that comes as a breath of fresh air for you…well, literally so! Heave a sigh of ‘fresh’ relief!


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