In The Mood For Something Saucy?

Nothing drives us quite like hunger. And any time is a good time to ring in something flavourful and yummy. Isn’t it? But at a time where high-end restaurants and posh eateries are mushrooming in your city akin to a beehive in a wild forest, what’s the respite from this order of the day? Where’s the fun in indulging in simple pleasures of life gone?

Ever wondered about digging into a mouth-watering feast of delectable offerings? You may have. Ever thought about not sitting inside a boisterous, noise-house spurred by the clatter of cutlery and going for an everyday albeit tingling feast instead? How about that? Let’s make that simple but engaging. Ever fancied walking up to a wagon loaded with a mouthful of scrumptious delights?

Something saucy

How about devouring something tasteful and appetizing from Something Saucy- your favourite food truck- in Noida, one laden with a string of multi cuisine offerings? In case you didn’t know and had been missing out on a ‘truck-load’ of fun and glutton- here’s what you can do. Nestled in the heart of Noida’s sector 104, bang opposite ATS residential apartments is a fine throwback to the yesteryear’s- Something Saucy, a truck-full of food- unraveling some of the finest and delectable offerings you’d just not want to miss out on. This is your answer to leave behind hunger at home. And when you’re too lazy to walk up to this fun food truck, dial home a meal from a fine ensemble of multi cuisine offerings.

something saucy food truck

Amidst green, peaceful confines of arguably one of the quaintest sectors in all of Noida, Something Saucy is just the kind of unflustered fun over food that you’d like. It’s a pleasant, reassuring bonding with food. But here’s the best part. In case you were wondering if the mouth-watering continental, contemporary offerings only had youth written over them, you’re mistaken. There’s a bit for everyone.

something saucy

The Palak Patta Chaat with a spicy, more indigenous taste is a great sell out where elderly are concerned. There’s a bit of Swiss delight in there as well. The Rosti with sour cream is finger licking good and is best had when hot and not preserved. For those among us who are on the move and deprived of time, the Falafel Pita Pocket is yummy but not too heavy on the tummy. All of this can be had with the fizzy, delightful Green Apple Mojito. The best thing about Something Saucy is that you won’t find too many sugary, fattening cola-mixed drinks. Lovers of warm beverages can mix their Spaghetti- I tried Carbonara minus the bacon but with egg, and it was delightful- with some warm coffee and the meal can conjure you to return to Something Saucy to pluck refreshing foodie experiences every now and again.

But this truck, immobile and stationed at one spot that it might be, gets the fun rolling for kids. With flexible menus, birthday parties catering to kids and young ones light up a smile and all that more on special occasions. I was told kids simply love the idea of a truck that serves up a ‘great buddy time’ on birthdays.

Sprinkled with spices, warm, scrumptious delights that only pepper your appetite and don’t puncture your wallet, there’s no reason to discount Something Saucy, when you’re in the mood for something saucy, creamy and more.


Head To: ATS One Hamlet, Noida

Call: 07290097838


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