Be Silent Or Face Penalties In Noida

Haven’t we all faced frustration on the amount of pollution? Not just the air, noise pollution can be extremely detrimental too, to health and to the concentration. Especially in high sensitive areas. From now on, all you road raging people, might want to calm down in Noida. The UP Government has advised all districts in Noida to prepare and present a list of ‘Silent Zones’. These silent zones are to be prepared around the Hospitals, Schools and Courts. The list is to be uploaded on the website of UP Pollution Control Board (UPPCB).

silent zones in noida

The Government has decided to declare 100 meters around all Hospitals, Educational Institutions and Courts as Silent Zones. The first step towards this extremely positive remedy for disturbance, is, the Signages that are to be put up around these areas as ” No Honking” and “Silent Zone”……Not just that, be ready to face heavy penalties in case you’re caught hampering the directive.

silent zones in noida

There are about 1000 schools and 300 colleges in the Gautam Buddh area …..alone, alongside 35 multi/ super specialty Hospitals. So much so that the level of sound will also be monitored as per the allowed decibels…..yes, you heard that! If you’re raising your eyebrows already, hear this out…the following is the allowed decibel level…

  • 50 decibels during the day
  • 45 decibels by the night
  • For commercial structures, 65 decibels during the day and
  • 55 decibels by the night

Now, all that is awaited is the directive to be put into action. I say, a direction towards sensitising the people towards realisation, is a superlative step. the need of the hour is to be stringent about implementing it and creating a no tolerance zone as well!

As is customary for me to be hopeful with every step towards redemption,…..Maybe….just maybe, there will be a world where everyone would just throw one small thought for another!


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