Places Serving The Best Soups In Noida

Each meal is as complete at the beginning as at the end. It is very important to decide your entrée/starter/appetizer as that taste is bound to linger on your tongue for the entire duration of your meal.

One great dish to begin your evening of delight is an aromatic delicacy, that is, the soup. Gone are the days when only a handful of restaurants served quality soup. One thing that separates a good dish from a great dish is the quality and preparation gone into making that dish. Same cannot be said about soup. Either it’s great or it isn’t. So, let’s take a sneak peek  into The Soup Coup- Places Serving The Best Soups in Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad!


Royal China

best soups in Noida

Located in DLF Mall of India in Sector 18, Noida, Burma Burma is a great option going for Asian food for all vegetarian food cravers. Offering 5 types of soup, with the most famous probably the Samoza Hinchu (Samosa soup), it also has a variety of unconventional main courses for you to feast on. The ambience is pleasant and is an amazing place for family outings.

Where: Shop D 420B, Third Floor, DLF Mall of India, Plot M-03, Sector 18, Noida

Call: 01206296251, 01206296252

Cost: 1,500 for two people (approx.)


best soups in Noida

This oriental-casual dining restaurant has some great quality food with ample quantity to choose from. The most famous of all soups served is perhaps the Chinese Sour and Pepper, which has eye-popping 22 ingredients and if you have a pair of awesome taste buds, you may just be able to get kick from them all, in just one slurp. A perfect setting with polite and courteous staff.

Where: D-423, 3rd Floor, DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida

Call:  9205198385, 9205198386

Cost:  1,600 for two people (approx.)


best soups in Noida

A delivery joint presents to gives you choice between 11 kinds of soup, each different from the other in terms of taste and way of making, but each leaving you with a delightful feeling at the end. The Miso Ramen soup among others, has been a huge hit among customers. Also, a great place to order from for breakfasts with an exotic range of sandwiches and burgers.

Where: 155, D Block, Hoshiyarpur, Sector 51, Noida

Call: 9205780162, 8882000800

Cost: 750 for two people (approx.)

Chi Asian Cookhouse

best soups in Noida

Another amazing Asian food presence in the DLF Mall Sector 18, Noida, where one can simply feel awed by the food preparation as every food item has an appealing flavour of lemon grass. The Dumpling soup is site to behold having sampled it myself during a recent visit. Staff is courteous and service is quite prompt. The ambience is perfect for an oriental themed restaurant.

Where: D-423, 3rd Floor, DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida

Call: 01133105720

Cost: 1,400 for two people (approx.)

Big Wong

best soups in Noida

The Big Wong is one of those pan-Asian restaurants that need to open up pretty much everywhere and anywhere they can because they never, ever disappoint. The food quality is stupendous to say the least. The Veg Tom Yum Soup and Manchow Soup here, are fit for a king, truth be told. The ambience is pitch perfect with and the option of dining in or dining out, underneath the beautiful black sky.

Where: The Starling Retail Noida Hazipur, Sector 104, Near Sector 110, Noida

Call: 9818001570

Cost: 900 for two people (approx.)



best soups in Noida

One of the most reviewed places in Greater Noida on food delivery app, Zomato, and one I have personally visited, is a place having great value of money. Having tried out the unconventional Peking soup, I must say it has a certain essence that is hard to forget. The ambience is nice and the staff treat you with the utmost respect.

Where:  5, Amritpuram, Sector Gama 1, Near Pragyan School, Jagat Farms market, Gamma 1,Greater Noida

Call: 01133106118

Cost: 600 for two people (approx.)



best soups in Noida

One thing about Berco’s is that the quantity that they serve you is worth every penny you pay for a dish. With a total of 9 soups to choose from, the Manchow soup being the clear winner, you need not go anywhere. The theme of the restaurant is very intriguing and there is ample space to sit and just relax. The staff are also very accommodating.

Where: Indirapuram Habitat Centre, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Call: 01207133003, 9711069163

Cost: 1,100 for two people (approx.)

Walk In The Woods 

The hours of searching for decent Asian joints to order from is over as this Asian Kitchen takes care of all your desires. The best soup of this place is the Thupka. Being famous for its ambience, this place makes your food match the ambience. 

Where: 12 – 14, Gaur Gravity, Near SBI, Vaishali, Ghaziabad

Call: +91 9555900022

Cost: 1300 for two people (approx.)


Image result for clubate soup

A restaurant that has the potential to offer you more and more every time you pay it a visit. The soup quality at Clubate is pretty good and their Tom Yum soup is quite comparable to the others on this list. Ambience is excellent and one is bound to have great time out here.

Where: 15, Second Floor, Eros Market Place, Shakti Khand 2, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Call:  9599118225, 8439593074

Cost: 600 for two people (approx.)

Can you hear the soupy slurrrrp??

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