Ishan Sharma

Unleash The Ultimate Culinary Experience Only At Mystery Of Food

October 23, 2019

The Mystery of Food is a divine place for the foodies in the I-Town, Indirapuram. Nestled in the heart of the city, this place can be easily spotted. The rustic ambiance, Contemporary Lighting, and super comfy Sofas are some things that took away our glance. Check out what all we had and what all do we recommend below.

Keeping it light in the starting with Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup is a hot and sour Thai originated soup. We have tried Tom Yum before but the one which they serve here is one of the finest, the veg one had some chunky and fresh vegetables whereas the non-veg had good flavors and some good tasty chicken.

Starting with the Ultimate star, Crispy Paneer Tikka's

These Crispy Paneer tikkas are a must-try dish, the flaky and crispy coating breaks and soft mouth melting paneer leaves an ever-lasting impression in the eyes of the foodie.

Not just Paneer!

During our foodie trail, we came on to Crispy Potatoes which were worth the wait. Crispy Potatoes tasted even better with the spicy and tangy Mint Pudina Dip. and in Non-Vegetarian we tried the shami kebabs which were as tender as the inner part of the coconut.

Quenching our Booze thirst with Red Wine Sangria

"A Good Sangria can make your day whereas a Bad Sangria can spoil your mood" thankfully Mystery Of Food serves the good one, filled with flavours and a guaranteed trip.

Who Stops at one drink?

Sangria was just the start of our boozed trail. What cocktail party is complete without Mojito and Long Island Ice tea? LIIT was lit AF, and a mojito is never disappointing.

Too much Booze can make you Hungry, Very Hungry

After Booze, we need the Main course and in a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, you should try it all. We ordered Chilli Chicken with Fried Rice, Prawn Curry, and Butter Chicken. The chilli chicken was flavorful and the pieces were tender.

The Butter Chicken was fantastic and tasted even well with the assorted pieces of bread. We also ordered the "Baloochistani Naan", it was basically a combination of maida, atta, and spices.

We recommend Mystery of Food if in Indirapuram.

By Ishan Sharma