All you need to know about this hidden town in Ghaziabad

There are so many places within Delhi NCR itself that have existed for years but somehow have always been lesser-known. One such town is tucked in Ghaziabad which has historical importance as well as a premium destination of contemporary living is Loni Ghaziabad. It is known to be one of the fastest growing areas in Ghaziabad.

We are cent percent sure you haven’t heard about this hidden gem and are as surprised as we are. So here is a little guide for all those who are curious to find out more about the place.

Loni’s History

Loni Ghaziabad

Loni, located within just 18 kilometres of Ghaziabad is known to have existed even during the epic era of Ramayana. Shatrughna, a famous mythological character from the Ramayana, took the life of the gigantic demon called Lavanasura at the fortification in Loni. Lord Rama was the eldest brother of Shatrughna, who was sent by Lord Rama to kill Lavanasura to put an end to the barbarism of this demon. The name Loni was believed to be attributed to this part of Ghaziabad by a traditional myth, which indicates that the initial part of the name of demon Lavanasura, which was ‘Lanvan, got associated with this place. ‘Lanvan’ actually means salt in the Sanskrit language. King Lonnkaran, famous even as King Subkaran, built his fortification here and named his territory as Loni. Existence of a salt zone at this place is also believed to be the reason behind the naming of this place as Loni, obtaining its name from ‘Lon’.

Attractions in Loni

Loni Ghaziabad


People visiting Loni for the first time are provided with a considerable number of options to explore in this small town in Ghaziabad. It has a wide number of historic locations, including Loni Fort and the ancient orchards namely Kharanji Bagh, Uldipur and Ranap, which is believed to be 500 years old. Also found here are the old Shiva Temple and two mosques built more than a century ago. The Loni Hanuman Mandir, the Prachin Hanuman and Khatu Shyam Baba Mandir, the Ashram in Lalbag are the other places of interest in Loni. The Mokshdhaam Temple located in close proximity to Banthla Gaon nearby the town is also a marvellous place to visit in Loni. Tronica City in Loni is home to numerous awe-inspiring wonders, of which the April Park is worth exploring. A trip in Loni to the LPG pipeline, which the widest in the world and the foremost in the nation, also deserves a visit and is a great way of getting acquainted with this place.

Shopping & Eateries in Loni

Loni Ghaziabad


The local markets in Loni, such as the Giri Market, Dharampal Market, Budh Bazaar and Main Bazaar in Rajdhani Enclave, have many shops and stores that sell varieties of products. The food hubs & the restaurants in Loni feature a wide range of delicious food however the most popular ones remain The Taj Chicken Point and Dhannuram.


Even a place like Loni has so much to offer so don’t miss out on a short trip here.




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