IKEA is launching their first outlet in North India In Noida

We all have spent quite a lot of time by watching the American Room tours and wishing that one day we can also have the same room with those aesthetic furniture pieces. Well, let’s just say that your dream has come true because IKEA is soon going to open it’s the first outlet in North India very soon! IKEA will be opening in Noida in the coming months and we cannot contain our excitement! We can finally have all our dream furniture pieces! Plus it’s said that this will also create about 8.000 new jobs in the state! They are planning to invest INR 5,000 crore in the state in the coming years through retail outlets and e-commerce. Isn’t that amazing?


IKEA will definitely help in the development of the state by increasing employment and investing in the state! IKEA opened its first store in Hyderabad, Telangana earlier in 2018 and the company also plans to open their outlets in various metro cities. They are planning to have a presence in 49 Indian Cities by 2030. “IKEA will create a multi-channel experience for its customers in India. It will launch e-commerce in Mumbai early next summer (March) and introduce other touch points to bring the brand closer to customers,” Betzel had told agencies earlier.

So, Guys save up money because I am sure all of you will want all the stuff that IKEA has to offer!

Contributed by Himani Yadav


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