100% Organic!… But That Is Just the Tip Of ‘Iceberg Ice Creams!’

‘An Ice cream solves everything!’ isn’t an overrated statement. If your sweet tooth works overtime, it’s never too cold or too late or too sweet to have an ice cream! The one dessert that holds no bars- age, season, place or time…. has copious flavours and brands to pick from. But there is one brand that has entered the market, laden with good times and good health… Andhra based Iceberg Ice Creams is coming to Noida after being in the business since 3 generations in Nellore.

Loaded with superior quality products with the richness of milk cream and natural flavours in every hand pulled scoop, Iceberg Ice Creams strikes a fine balance between taste and nutrition. 100 % organic, Pure Vegetarian, Goat milk and Sugar free… this is just the tip of the iceberg…. Here is what all you must indulge in at the real Iceberg!

Pan Ice Creams

Iceberg Ice Creams

Picture your flavour pulp/sauce in pasteurised full cream milk poured over -40 degrees food graded stainless steel pan crystallising it… rolled and served!

Shakes Berg

Iceberg Ice Creams

Their thick Shakes are fresh ice cream turned it into flavourful combinations you can choose, made fresh in the shop.

Cold Stone Recipes

Iceberg Ice Creams

These extend a choice of smooth and creamy ice cream along with a selection of toppings hand mixed live on frozen galaxy marble stone (-18 degrees temp.) and served in fresh handmade waffle cups.

Waffle Sandwich

Iceberg Ice Creams

An Iconic Desert of Cold Ice cream hugged in between two Hot Waffles rolled in extra toppings and served, one that you can enjoy it sitting down like the child we all used to be! Can there be anything more fulfilling?

Bubble Waffles

Iceberg Ice Creams

A bubbly treat with crispy first bites that transcend to softness inside the bubbles that melt in the mouth, this ice cream treat is embedded in bubble wrapped waffles…. innovation at best… also in taste!

Golden Frenzy

Iceberg Ice Creams

Waffle cone loaded with brownies, Ferrero Rocher, caramelised almonds, nuts, hot fudge, 3 big scoops of Belgian Dark chocolate ice-cream topped with golden chocolate ice cream and 24-Karat gold foil, is Golden Frenzy for you!

Fun Flavours

Iceberg Ice Creams

Boasting of unique and first time flavours, Iceberg has formulas which range from normal vanilla to sugar-free, from the most common chocolate to seasonal specials such as Kala Jamun and Sitaphal, amidst 35 mouth-watering natural flavours to melt your hearts.

Dragon Smoke

Iceberg Ice Creams

Introducing Dragon’s Breath or Dragon Smoke for the first time in India, a unique colourful dessert which is made with liquid nitrogen. Eat it, blow it and watch rich fog-like gas through your mouth and nose… dragon like.

Tubs To Dive Into

Iceberg Ice Creams

Rich flavoured explosions in custom sized tubs with blended chunks and swirls of handpicked treats, are all about having your ice cream and eating it too!

Top Notch Topping Recipes

Iceberg Ice Creams

The ice creams come with 16 plenteous toppings including Belgium chocolate ice cream, chocolate truffle balls, caramelised rocher balls, raspberry rose sorbet macaroon, waffle dipped in golden pearls and gooey brownie…. ‘top’ notch!

Exclusivity Can Also Be Pocket Friendly

Iceberg’s price range starts from INR.50 to INR 250… From innovative to regular, exclusivity doesn’t cost you always1

When you have quality, variety and accessibility right here…. the whole Iceberg is yours…. or something like it!

Where: Lower ground, Gt 1-02 Hazipur, Sector 104, Noida

Call: 8447125000, 9560803368




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